Sealless Pumps Ideal For Recycling & Cleaning Applications


Cleaning is an essential requirement in many industries and as water becomes less available and solvents typically used in cleaning applications become more expensive, recycling becomes a cost / energy-efficient alternative.

Sealless Pumps Ideal For Recycling & Cleaning Applications

Micheal Smith Engineers

Also, to conserve energy, the use of more aggressive and effective cleaning fluids is increasing which results in reduced volumes being pumped. Furthermore, in order to reduce the volume of fluids required, today’s cleaning systems typically operate at higher pressures with lower flows to ensure that effective cleaning is maintained. These factors make the choice of the right pumping technology even more critical.

Hydra-Cell sealless pumps, available through liquids handling specialists MICHAEL SMTH ENGINEERS, are particularly effective for cleaning applications and are ideally suited to handling recycled fluids or fluids containing particulates. These high pressure positive displacement pumps incorporate hydraulically balanced diaphragms and have no rotating seals. Pump types which incorporate seals are far less effective on these duties as their seals can be destroyed by particulates as small as 25 microns.

Hydra-Cell pumps are ‘simply built to last’ operating with minimal stress thanks to important design features. The pump drive shaft is rigidly held in the pump housing by a large tapered roller bearing which is immersed in a lubricating oil bath and a fixed angle cam translates rotary motion into linear motion to the hydraulic cells, which displace the diaphragms via pressurised oil. This results in hydraulically balanced diaphragms, so stress is eliminated. This greatly extends the period between planned servicing and can offer the operator savings in maintenance costs and reduces the frequency and likelihood of unplanned, costly downtime.

The pumps cover a wide range of flow rates from 0.4 lit/min up to 128 lit/min and pressures up to 172 bar, providing repeatable and accurate output. Hydra-Cell pumps can handle dirty liquids and liquids with particulates, they are sealless by design, leak-free and as they are self priming they can be run dry, making them ideal for cleaning applications. Hydra-Cell pumps are also very energy efficient and so offer operator’s considerable savings in running costs when compared to traditional multi-stage rotary pumps.

As well as cleaning duties, Hydra-Cell pumps can handle a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial fluids across numerous applications including; food processing CIP, machine tool cooling, reverse osmosis & separation, spray drying & abrasives, paper mill applications and oil production and refining.

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