New Tube Length Option Expands the Scope of FTI Drum Pumps Available Michael Smith Engineers


Drum or barrel emptying pumps are acknowledged as being the most reliable and efficient device for transferring acids, corrosives and chemicals from container-to-container, and certainly a much easier, more practical alternative to hand pumps.

New Tube Length Option Expands the Scope of FTI Drum Pumps Available Michael Smith Engineers

The PF Series manufactured by Finnish Thompson and available from Michael Smith Engineers is a popular choice and is now available with a 137cm (54”) tube length. This tube length is ideal for 1040 litre (330 gallon) IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Container), also known as totes.

These high performance sealless drum pumps are now offered with a choice of 6 tube lengths and the new 137cm / 54” option is a better alternative to the existing PF 152cm / 60” tube when used for transferring liquids from IBC’s.

This new tube length option is available on the two polypropylene designs, the PFM and PFP, the PVDF model PFV and also the stainless steel PFS model. This choice of wetted materials ensures resistance to the widest range of aggressive liquids and therefore maximum application flexibility. The other key features of PF Series drum pumps include; a sealless design which improves reliability, a unique double suction impeller which provides a high flow and high head capability (flows up to 151lit/min, heads up to 24 metres) and easy disassembly for cleaning. They are available with splash proof, TEFC, explosion-proof, or air motors and the tubes are interchangeable with different motor selections.

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