Micheal Smith Engineers Leakfree Turbine Pumps Suit Volatile, Hogh Pressure Fluids


When fluids handling applications involve near boiling, volatile or high pressure liquids such as refrigerants, then magnetically driven, hermetically sealed pumps which are leak-free by design, are an ideal solution.

Micheal Smith Engineers Leakfree Turbine Pumps Suit Volatile, Hogh Pressure Fluids

CT MAG-M Series (Image: Michael Smith Engineers)

The CT MAG-M Series of magnetically coupled turbine pumps available from Michael Smith Engineers are a good example of the type of pump best suited to these tough applications.

The series is offered in corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel as standard with flows available of up to 25 m3/hr, differential heads to 310 metres and viscosities up to 200 cSt. These pumps can be close coupled to motors to eliminate the requirement for a baseplate, remove mis-alignment issues, and the compact design minimises the necessary plant workspace footprint.

The CT MAG-M pumps are two-stage units consisting of a centrifugal suction impeller stage for increased flow followed by a regenerative turbine stage for pressure head generation. The design enables trouble-free pumping without cavitation of volatile liquids at or near their vapour pressure, and hence the series can be offered with NPSH requirements as low as 0.5 metres.

Among the other important benefits of the design of these pumps is the absence of rotating seals which ensures no leakages and results in reduced downtime and loss of production, no cross contamination of the pumped liquid or wastage, and therefore no environmental hazards.

In addition to the standard models in stainless steel; Hastelloy C, Incoloy and Duplex material options are also available to offer outstanding resistance to highly corrosive liquids and demanding environments, ensuring a longer pump life. Four different sleeve bearing combinations are available including metallised carbon for short term dry-running to prevent major failure in the event of a system upset.

The design of all M Pumps turbine models incorporate an easily removable wet-end cartridge which allows the pump to be serviced in three simple steps in-situ quickly and without hassle, thereby minimising downtime.

As CT MAG-M Series pumps have the ability for low flow pumping at high differential heads there is no need to bypass excess flow which simplifies installation. The range can meet system pressure requirements up to 50 bar, maximum temperatures of up to 350ºC, and can be designed for use in ATEX area applications. ENDS.

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