Tubing Pumps for Cost-Effective, Simple Liquids Transfer


A range of peristaltic tubing pumps capable of pumping almost any media, including highly viscous liquids, those containing up to 60% solids, corrosive fluids and sterile media, are now available in the UK through newly appointed distributor Michael Smith Engineers.

The Ismatec range of tubing pumps offer important advantages over many other pump designs, for example they require minimal maintenance which results in lower operational costs because the tubing is the only wearing part. Also, because the pumped fluid is contained within the tube, zero fluid contamination is assured.

The range of pumps, which deliver flows from 0.001ml/min to 13,000 ml/min, are available with a choice of 10 different tubing materials, so they can handle corrosive liquids safely and easily.

They can be supplied with easily calibrated microprocessor controlled drives, making them ideally suited to applications requiring low pressure, low flow accurate pumping or dispensing.

Multi-channel pump head options are available with up to 24 channels, where each channel can deliver independently, yet simultaneously, various liquids at different flow rates. The pumps are designed for continuous operation and can be dry-run without any problem.

No contamination of the pumped fluid is assured because it is contained within the tube, so the need for cleaning or flushing is also eliminated. Operators can simply change the tubing and the pump is ready to use again.

The unique design characteristics of tubing pumps makes them suitable for many different fluid handling applications including sensitive, delicate and difficult media. For example cell cultures, abrasives, inks and paints in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, biotechnology, printing, plating, food and beverage.

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