Mag-drive Pumps Solve Semiconductor Waste Problem


The successful application of magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps supplied by Michael Smith Engineers has helped a leading electronics manufacturer to achieve reduced downtime and repair costs, whilst contributing toward a safer working environment.

Mag-drive Pumps Solve Semiconductor Waste Problem

Michael Smith Engineers

Semiconductors are an essential component in a wide and diverse range of products, such as computers, vehicles, consumer electronics, general appliances and defence systems. Waste acids and alkalis are among the unavoidable by-products which are generated in the manufacturing process and these liquids require treatment prior to them being discharged from the manufacturing site in order to comply with emissions laws and regulations.

Previously, mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps were being used to transfer the effluent waste into a treatment system. However, regular problems were occurring with seal leakages resulting in excessive down-time, regular and expensive repair bills, along with the associated clean-up costs from the spillages.

M Pumps magnetically coupled centrifugal model C MAG-P100 in PVDF available from Michael Smith Engineers, was selected by General Waters UK Ltd the filtration and water purification specialists who assist the semiconductor manufacturer in meeting their effluent targets at their Newport, South Wales manufacturing plant.

The combination of the magnetically coupled design and PVDF pump head ensures optimum corrosion resistance and effective containment of the waste acids and alkalis. There are no seals to fail, so leak-free pumping is assured and consequently the manufacturing plant benefits from reduced chemical and environmental hazards. The extended pump operation between servicing also means reduced downtime and the associated benefits.

Commenting on the performance of the M Pumps at the semiconductor factory, Gareth Scully, Water Treatment Engineer at General Waters UK said, “We installed these pumps into our effluent treatment system for pumping effluent dilute acidic waste, replacing mechanical seal pumps and have found them to be very effective and reliable”. He continued, “The pumps were competitively priced and we would certainly recommend them”.

C-MAG P Series pumps are one of a wide range of mag-drive, sealless pumps available from Michael Smith Engineers which provide an ideal solution to pumping aggressive, corrosive or high purity liquids. These compact, close-coupled pumps are designed for handling flow rates up to 140 mc/hr, at heads up to 44 metres and maximum system pressures of 6 bar. They are suitable for liquids with maximum viscosity of 200 cSt and can operate at temperatures from -30ºC to +90ºC.

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