Tough Gear Pumps Now Available


The choice and flexibility of the Liquiflo pump range has been enhanced following the recent introduction of close-coupled mechanically sealed options for their RotoGear 3 and H Series pump ranges.

An important benefit of this new close-coupling option is that it eliminates the possibility of pump and motor mis-alignment and therefore removes the potential for excess radial loads or stresses on the shafts, bearings or seals, which can result in pump failure.

Available through MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS, these new options mean that Liquiflo pumps are now offered in a basic choice of over 21 different pump sizes, however, depending on the application and actual pump specification, the range is limitless.

To maintain interchangeability of parts the new close-coupled design is based upon using the same wet end components as used on existing pumps, together with the sturdy cast iron bracket from their magnetically coupled units which rigidly supports both the pump and motor. Furthermore, by having a design based on common parts means that the pumps can be easily upgraded to a magnetically coupled design as the fixing centres and port positioning remain unchanged.

Both the RotoGear 3 and H Series are offered with a choice of either 316 stainless steel of Hastelloy C housings and a wide choice of gear, wearplate, bearing and shaft materials. These include Silicon Carbide bearings and Tungsten Carbide coated shafts which means the pumps are suited to applications involving both low viscosity fluids and higher differential pressures.

The close-coupled design option is available on the Liquiflo RotoGear 3 Series which are capable of flows up to a maximum of 75 lit/min and pressures to 6.9 bar and the RotoGear H Series which deliver flows up to a maximum of 35 lit/min and pressures to 15 bar.

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