Heavy Duty Leak-Free Mag-Drive Pumps for Efficient Pumping


Pumping specialists Michael Smith Engineers are delighted to announce their appointment as official UK distributor for the full range of Dickow magnet drive and mechanical seal centrifugal and side channel pumps. The range includes the SCM series horizontal magnet drive side channel pumps which are ideal for handling low flows (up to 30m³/hr) at high differential heads (up to 400 metres) at temperatures up to 180ºC.

This side channel pump has the advantage of operating more economically than centrifugal pumps on fluid handling applications involving low flows and high heads. Furthermore, the magnet drive design results in a range of important benefits. For example, there are no rotating seals to fail ensuring reduced downtime, optimised production and no cross contamination of the pumped fluid, resulting in increased operator safety and optimum process fluid containment.

The tight clearances between the impeller and the discs enable them to generate high differential pressures and to self-prime – they are able to prime empty suction lines after initial filling with liquid. The SCM series are also suited to handling liquid / gas mixture, allowing vessels to be fully emptied.

Another safety feature is the design of the containment shell where in the event of bearing failure the possibility of rub on the containment shell is prevented which eliminates the potential for leakage. There is also an option to specify silicon carbide insert rings in the pump’s pressure discs which provides short term protection in the event of dry running.

Material options include ductile iron and stainless steel in close coupled and frame mount configurations. A modified design option with an inlet centrifugal impeller also enables the pumps to operate with NPSH (net positive suction head) of 1 metre or less.

Dickow SCM pumps are suitable for handling clean liquids without solids in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. When coupled with Ex-drive motors they can also be used in hazardous areas.

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