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144-8510 Tokyo
Pump manufacturer

23.04.2024: Ebara Received an Order for Large Water Pump Expansion Project in Las Vegas

11.12.2023: EBARA Technology to be Adopted as an Industrial Vocational Training Program in Africa

24.11.2023: EBARA Fellow Manabu Tsujimura Awarded Medal of Honor at 2023 Autumn Conferment of Decoration

22.08.2023: Elliott Group to Supply Equipment for the Port Arthur LNG Phase 1 Project

15.08.2023: Established EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A. Nordic Filial in Sweden

14.07.2023: EBARA Pumps Europe Acquires Spandau Pumps

19.06.2023: Ebara Precision Macjomery Malaysia Started Operation

13.04.2023: Elliott Group Announces Opening of New Service Center in Saudi Arabia

03.03.2023: EBARA Developed the World’s First Liquid Hydrogen Booster Pump

24.02.2023: EBARA Received an Order for the Klong Prem Prachakorn Drainage Project in Thailand

17.02.2023: EBARA CORPORATION is Selected as a Request for Proposal of JAXA Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center

14.12.2022: EBARA Pumps Europe Launches The In-line Pump Model 3E/3ES

10.10.2022: EBARA CORPORATION Acquires Hayward Gordon

05.10.2022: The EBARA Group’s Strategic Table of Technological Capabilities

23.09.2022: Ebara Launched the Website for the Aerospace Technologies

03.08.2022: Ebara Pumps Establishes New Branch in Kenya

29.06.2022: ELLIOTT Releases the Model 140TCH Pipeline Compressor

24.05.2022: Ebara Launched an Outsourced Manufacturing Line in India

17.03.2022: EBARA Established a New Company in Canada

14.03.2022: Elliott Develops New FLEX-OP(R) Hydrogen Compression Design

18.11.2021: Construction of the New Cryogenic Pump Testing Facility Completed

08.11.2021: EBARA to Jointly Develop a Turbo Pump for a Rocket

23.09.2021: EBARA Opens Virtual Antenna Shop in Brazil

06.08.2021: EBARA Launched CP Hydrogen Business Project

19.07.2021: EBARA Opens Overhaul Factory in Hefei

06.07.2021: EBARA Signed Project to Improve the Water Supply System of Zai, Jordan

29.06.2021: EBARA Delivered Drainage Pump Trucks for Disaster Recovery to Fukuoka Prefecture

18.05.2021: New EBARA Overhaul Center in Germany Started Operation

10.05.2021: EBARA Delivers Pumps to Spiber’s Plant in Thailand

05.05.2021: EBARA Joines “Initiative for Development of New Wastewater Pumps”

15.04.2021: Ebara Receives Award for Recognition of Excellent Construction in Development Project

29.03.2021: EBARA Pumps Europe Launches Model EVMS-K Pump

11.03.2021: EBARA Introduces AI-Based Disaster Prevention and Risk Management Solution

18.01.2021: First CCI Tokyo Grand Prize for Woman Engineers

23.12.2020: EBARA Provides Customized OEM Solutions for Data Centers

22.12.2020: Ebara Corporation Announces Acquisition of Turkish Pump Manufacturer

15.12.2020: Knock Down Center in Vietnam Has Started Operation

05.10.2020: EBARA launches solar pumps in Brazil

11.09.2020: EBARA Establishes a New Company in Mexico

28.08.2020: Industrial Business Unit of EBARA Pumps Europe – The OEM Business to expand

24.08.2020: Distribution Center for Standard Pumps in Vietnam

07.08.2020: First Order Received for Custom Pump in 50 Years

03.08.2020: EBARA Honored by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

30.07.2020: EBARA Holds New Business Idea Competition

16.07.2020: EBARA Invests in Real Tech Global Fund

24.06.2020: EBARA launches the Model GSD Pump

19.05.2020: EBARA’s Vietnam Plant obtains JIS Mark Certifications for its cast products

14.05.2020: EBARA launches the ANTENNA SHOP in Brazil

07.05.2020: EBARA receives 2019 Supplier Achievement Award (SAA) from Intel Corporation (US)

28.04.2020: Engine Driven Cast Iron Pumps Collaboration between EBARA and Honda in Brazil

16.04.2020: Human Resources and Organization Change for Business Innovation and DX

01.04.2020: Ebara: Announcement of investment in Spiber Inc. and business alliance agreement in the field of structural protein materials manufacturing

16.03.2020: EBARA started real-time location management at Futtsu Plant with ACCELIOT RFID STAR System

03.02.2020: EBARA Donated Pumps to University of Indonesia

13.01.2020: Groundbreaking Ceremony for Cryogenic Pump Testing Facility

11.11.2019: Ebara Launched New Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment

29.10.2019: Ebara Environmental Plant Joins Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA)

06.09.2019: Ebara Engineer Wins ASME Henry R. Worthington Medal

29.08.2019: Ebara hosted IUVSTA-Ebara Award Ceremony

20.08.2019: Ebara Organized the 2nd EOI International Symposium on CMP

15.07.2019: New Ebara Components Development and Innovation Center in Fujisawa

19.06.2019: Ebara Supports Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

12.06.2019: Ebara Launches GSO Model for Industrial Process Pumps

09.05.2019: Elliott Opened New Factory in Bengaluru, India

02.05.2019: Ebara Holds Pump and Chiller Seminar in Vietnam

11.04.2019: Ebara: Investment and Business Alliance Agreement with Ridge-i

02.04.2019: Ebara Installs Four Drainage Pump Units at Tsuruga Drainage Pump Station, Ishinomaki

26.03.2019: Ebara Corporation Held Pump Seminar in Cambodia

14.02.2019: Ebara Delivers Drainage Pump Trucks to the Philippines

19.12.2018: Ebara Donates Pumps to Yangon Technological University in Myanmar

01.11.2018: Ebara Holds Pump Seminars in Vietnam

19.09.2018: Ebara Holds Pumps Seminars in Thailand

11.09.2018: Ebara Announces the Merger of 2 Brazilian Subsidiaries

12.01.2017: Ebara Donates Pumps to Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

19.12.2016: Ebara Launches New Dry Vacuum Pump

12.10.2016: Ebara Holds Seminars for Flood Control Pumps in Thailand

15.12.2015: Ebara’s Acquisition of a Brazilian Pump Manufacturer

27.11.2015: Ebara Holds Pumps and Refrigerators Seminars in Thailand

24.09.2015: Ebara Acquires Brazilian Pump Company Thebe Bombas Hidráulicas S.A.

17.09.2015: Ebara Holds Pump Seminars in Thailand

11.08.2015: Ebara Holds Pump Seminars in Myanmar

06.08.2015: Ebara Ships Large Boiler Feed Water Pumps to Power Plant in China

17.06.2015: Ebara Holds Pump Seminars at the Royal University of Agriculture in Cambodia

15.04.2015: Ebara Holds Seminars on Flood Control Pumps and Chillers for Air Conditioning in Ho Chi Minh

05.03.2015: Ebara Holds Seminars on Pumps for Water Supply Facilities in Cambodia

13.01.2015: Ebara Fluid Handling Announces Executive Leadership Change

10.10.2014: EBARA Becomes the First Non-Domestic Winner of Korea’s GS E&C Best Partner Award

15.09.2014: Ebara Held Seminars on Flood Control Pumps in Thailand

09.09.2014: Ebara Held Seminars on Water Supply Pumps in Cambodia

22.08.2014: Ebara Delivers Drainage Pump Trucks to the Philippines

01.08.2014: Ebara Holds Seminars for Irrigation Pumps

08.11.2012: Ebara: Launch of New Dry Vacuum Pump

04.02.2009: EBARA FUJISAWA Plant Achieves Total Production of 15 Million Standard Pumps

23.06.2005: Ebara Forms Consolidated US Sales and Service Company

28.09.2004: Ebara to Pay a Fine of 6.3 Million USD

12.02.2004: EBARA Changes Members of Representative Directors

12.02.2002: Ebara Pumps Europe SpA Launches a Website