EBARA started real-time location management at Futtsu Plant with ACCELIOT RFID STAR System

EBARA CORPORATION has started the operation of ACCELIOT Inc.’s “STAR” System with their RFID technology.

It is capable of wide-area spatial coverage on the custom pump production line at our Futtsu plant. Based on their extensive experience and knowledge, IBM Japan provided support to install the STAR System from consulting and actual operation of the system.


Over the course of the past 108 years since its foundation, EBARA has contributed to social problems along with our strengths in technical capabilities and credibility as well as our founding spirit of “Passion and Dedication”. In order to refine management and business infrastructure, in the “E-Vision2030”, which is our long-term vision, EBARA has set resource strategies related to manufacturing, technology, and information as one of our Material Issues (Materiality). EBARA will promote transformations in production processes utilizing IoT to pursue for greater product quality and higher efficiency in business operation.


The STAR System covers an area of approximately 24,000 square meters. The system uses electromagnetic waves received with a total of 262 antennae installed on pillars inside the facility, and detects RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, which are electrically excited by the waves, to track the location. The location data from tags labelled on components enables inventory and location management. With the STAR System, the following process is expected to improve for the increased productivity.

  • Real-time location management of components
  • Real-time visibility of components inside the plant
  • Reduces manpower and improves efficiency of searching for components

Future Developments

In the future, the data obtained from the STAR System will be analyzed and utilized to deploy the system at other plants as well. We will reduce the lead time and achieve the enhanced manufacturing processes.

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