Ebara Delivers Drainage Pump Trucks to the Philippines


Ebara has delivered eight pump trucks for emergency drainage to the Philippines. The drainage pump truck is equipped with ultra-lightweight pumps (about 20kg), hose, an operation panel, and a generator, and is capable of moving drainage facilities to flooded areas for early recovery and damage prevention.

Ebara Delivers Drainage Pump Trucks to the Philippines

Training on how to use the pump trucks (Image: Ebara)

A big feature of this truck is the possibility to rush to the flooded areas and start draining immediately with only a small number of people.

Ebara’s technical staff held training for the local people on how to use the trucks to their full potential. Ebara’s pump trucks helped support the recovery efforts during the flooding in mid-July, when the Philippines were hit directly by a typhoon.

Recently, in Southeast Asia, the demand for flood control has increased; early recovery from flood damage has become a major issue. At this time, Ebara has provided ODA* drainage pump trucks. The drainage pump trucks, equipped with Ebara pumps, have also been delivered to Laos and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Ebara, which began as a manufacturer of pumps, will continue to contribute to the development of Southeast Asian countries through the provision of products and services.

*Japan s ODA (Official Development Assistance)

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