EBARA Invests in Real Tech Global Fund

The EBARA Group will invest 500 million yen in the “Real Tech Global Fund 1 LLP (REAL TECH GLOBAL)”, which was established by REAL TECH Holdings Co., Ltd., to provide Real Tech ventures in Southeast Asia with investment and consultation.

Background and Aim
EBARA, as its long-term vision “E-Vision2030” manifests, recognizes issues based on the future world prospects, promotes development of new businesses and entering new markets from the global market-in point of view, and aims to contribute to a society that is sustainable.

The total population of ten countries in Southeast Asia has surpassed 650 million. With the continuous population growth, remarkable economic developments are expected as the middle-income class expands. At the same time, there exist a number of profoundly hidden social problems which include “deep issues” such as the environment, infrastructure and food problems that can be solved with Japan’s high-caliber science and technology.

Through investment in REAL TECH GLOBAL, EBARA will search for seeds of new businesses and make efforts to co-create new businesses collaborating with local startups and university research institutions.

REAL TECH GLOBAL investments target mostly at science and technology startups in areas including robotics, electronics, bio, agriculture, environment, energy, new materials, and aerospace. Unlike venture capital funds aiming at maximizing investment returns in a short period, REAL TECH GLOBAL’s investment period of ten years is rather long, placing importance in medium-to-long term technology developments and fostering industry through co-working with investing companies and startups.

EBARA’s Future Prospect
EBARA invests, via REAL TECH GLOBAL, indirectly in startups in Southeast Asia and then, after evaluating their themes for problem solution, collaboration outcome, legal risks etc., will move forward to reviewing direct investment, deepening collaboration, and creating and fostering new businesses. In the meanwhile, EBARA will deploy its personnel to REAL TECH GLOBAL so that we can foster human resources who will take charge as entrepreneurs and managers in the future.

Since the founding of our Indonesian branch in 1979, EBARA has deepened relationship with Southeast Asia by conducting activities such as providing technical guidance to Southeast Asian engineers through the EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Foundation. Going forward to solving social problems, we will continue to build new partnership with startups in Southeast Asia so that we can contribute to medium to-long-term sustainable growth in the region.

EBARA Group aims at Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tackling ESG materiality issues based on its long-term vision and mid-term management plan and makes efforts to further increase its corporate value.

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