EBARA Launched CP Hydrogen Business Project

EBARA CORPORATION has launched the "CP Hydrogen Business Project", which is under the direct control of the President. It will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in which the realization of the hydrogen society is essential.

In its long-term vision "E-Vision2030", the company wants to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. In order to develop the company by providing solutions to social problems, it is important for the EBARA Group to develop new business areas or business models that meet the needs of both society and customers. For this reason, effective August 1, the EBARA Group introduced the Corporate Project (CP) System, which aims to quickly and vigorously create new business areas using insights from R&D or marketing activities.

The CP system is under the direct control of the President. A project must be consistent with the theme of the medium-term management plan, show potential growth in business scope beyond a certain level, be medium to long-term due to difficulties in execution, and require the participation of multiple business units and brand new ideas or knowledge.

Outline of the CP Hydrogen Business Project
he CP Hydrogen Business Project is the first project established under the CP System. As part of the global movement toward a carbon-free society, the company will respond to the associated demand for hydrogen, and the market is expected to expand rapidly. The project team consists of the Marketing Strategy Unit, which is responsible for research and analysis, and the Technology Development Unit, which takes a leading role in product development.

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