Ebara Launched the Website for the Aerospace Technologies

On September 20, EBARA CORPORATION launched the special site for the EBARA Aerospace Technologies.
Ebara Launched the Website for the Aerospace Technologies

EBARA's Motor-driven Rocket Engine Pump we are currently developing. (Image source: EBARA CORPORATION)

The involvement of private organizations has seen exponential growth in the commercialization of space. As a result, a variety of exciting transportation infrastructures have been proposed around the world to connect the ground with space. EBARA is responsible for global infrastructural support in a variety of areas. Space is another backyard to test capabilities. With the goal of extensive commercialization in the future, EBARA has begun developing new-age products to advance aerospace transportation.

The special page will reveal the PR film for a motor-driven pump that the Aerospace Technologies team is working to develop. Ebara will keep the aerospace business information up to date.

EBARA Aerospace Technologies special page: https://www.ebara.co.jp/en/startup/aerospace/

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