EBARA Opens Virtual Antenna Shop in Brazil

On September 20, EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS) launched the first ecommerce site “Virtual Antenna Shop” in Brazil.
EBARA Opens Virtual Antenna Shop in Brazil

Start screen of the new Virtual Antenna Shop (Image source: Ebara Corporation)

EBAS opened a physical Antenna Shop in April 2020. Other than selling products, the store serves as a showroom to demonstrate products as well as a place to offer after sales support. By having the direct communication with customers, EBAS intended to enhance the quality of products and service to meet needs of customers. The launch of the Virtual Antenna Shop will expand the market coverage in Brazil.

The Virtual Antenna Shop is operated by EBAS and it is the market place where both EBAS and sales agents sell EBAS’s pumps. The company expects to strengthen the distribution channel in the country by maximizing its business networks with over 5,000 dealers as well as sales agents.

On the platform of the Virtual Antenna Shop, dealers and sales agents register their inventories of EBAS products. Customers can select which one to buy after comparing prices and location of sellers. Among the business partners, there are a lot of small family-run shops that cannot operate their own e-commerce sites. The Virtual Antenna Shop will offer those small stores opportunities to sell in digital format even if they are not experts in the electronic commerce area.
In the meantime, easy maintenance is another huge benefit for business partners. Even if they are not specialists in pumps, product information including technical specifications, online help desk, or after sales support will be organized by EBAS. What all the sellers have to do is to take care of delivery time, price, and stock changes.

Instead of launching the conventional e-commerce site, the Virtual Antenna Shop will establish the “Win-Win” partnership for both EBAS and its business partners without competing with each other. The EBARA Group will develop the marketing strategy to fit local needs and support the people of the region in order to contribute to creating a sustainable society declared in its long term vision “E-Vision 2030”.

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