Ebara Launched an Outsourced Manufacturing Line in India

EBARA MACHINERY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (EMI), an EBARA Corporation company, has introduced an outsourced production line at an Indian pump manufacturer in India.
Ebara Launched an Outsourced Manufacturing Line in India

EVMS Pumps (Image source: EBARA Corporation)

In the medium-term management plan "E-Plan 2022", it is aimed at developing new markets and expanding the sales base for the strategic development of global markets. In the meantime, a sales network has been established, and carrying out local production with its own investment has been a challenge in terms of return on investment. With the realization of Fabless Localization (Outsourced Local Manufacturing)1, the market coverage of standard pumps in the Indian market will be expanded.

Since its inception in 2017, EMI has been seeking opportunities for its fabless localization to expand its business in the highly competitive Indian market. As EMI has established trusted relationships with a local pump parts manufacturer through various business alliances, we concluded that it was possible to build a business model for factory-less localization as well as a manufacturing and quality control system. An outsourced production line for EMI pumps was established and ISO9001 certification (quality management system) was also acquired, allowing full-scale production to begin. The plan is to ramp down production from 2,000 EVMS pumps per year.

In the future, the range of locally produced models will be expanded and parts localized. Synergies will be leveraged with low-cost sourcing and production capabilities to further improve product competitiveness and expand the standard pump business in the Indian market.


1 Outsourcing production to local companies without own production bases

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