Knock Down Center in Vietnam Has Started Operation

EBARA Corporation is strengthening its global supply chain to improve the competitiveness of its standard pump business in overseas markets. In Vietnam, EBARA has put into operation a Knock Down Center, a facility for assembling standard pump products.

EBARA is focusing its efforts on advancing the standard pump business in overseas markets to achieve the goal of "Delivering Water to 600 million People Worldwide (about 7% of the world's population)" set out in its long-term vision E-Vision 2030. One measure was to establish production and supply chain systems to quickly and efficiently deliver products that meet global market demands for price, delivery and quality.

The Knock Down Center began operations in December. The facility holds some parts of standard pump products manufactured at the EBARA Group plant in Italy and assembles them into products for shipment. Previously, each EBARA Group company in Southeast Asian countries managed its own inventory. With the establishment of the Knock Down Center, the company will be able to control an adequate inventory of products and supply the Southeast Asian market with products efficiently and as needed. This will shorten delivery times and reduce inventory levels.

EBARA Group will focus on strengthening its standard pump business by expanding production and manufacturing capacity worldwide. Meanwhile, EBARA will expand sales in overseas markets by building a robust and optimal supply chain.

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