EBARA Pumps Europe Launches Model EVMS-K Pump

In March 2021, EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A., Gambellara, Italy launched the new Model EVMS-K Pump mainly for the European market.
EBARA Pumps Europe Launches Model EVMS-K Pump

EBARA Pumps Europe launches the Model EVMS-K Pump (Image source: EBARA Corporation)

In accordance with the medium-term management plan "E-Plan 2022", the EBARA Group is strengthening the development of energy-efficient, miniaturized, lighter and smarter products and systems in its standard pump strategy. From a market-in perspective, products are launched to meet local needs by expanding sales bases and enhancing development systems in the global market.

The Model EVMS-K Pump is a new product integrating the pump model EVMS with the inverter model E-SPD. Integrated with an inverter, it is possible to save energy of a motor, drive a pump highly efficiently, reduce installation space, and simplify wiring and installation works.

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