Ebara Organized the 2nd EOI International Symposium on CMP

Ebara Corporation held the 2nd Ebara Open Innovation International Symposium on CMP in Fujisawa in June 2019. Six domestic and international professors and associate professors, who are involved with collaborative research in CMP, attended this year.
Ebara Organized the 2nd EOI International Symposium on CMP

A gathering for Lecturers (Image source: Ebara Corporation)

The symposium also targeted outside researchers as well as Ebara’s internal engineers and researchers, providing them with an opportunity to freely discuss related topics and enhance mutual understanding and cooperation for further technological development and the commercial application of research results.

After the lectures, a panel discussion was followed at this year’s symposium. It was to promote the better understanding through the discussion by exchanging opinions between the audience and lecturers. Six outside specialists, Prof. Jeong (Pusan National Univ.), Prof. Kurokawa (Kyushu University), Assoc. Prof. Suzuki (Nagoya University), Prof. Amagai (Gunma University), Assoc. Prof. Sanada (Shizuoka University) and Assoc. Prof. Khajornrungruang (Kyushu Institute of Technology) were invited. The audience included over 100 engineers and researchers from Ebara, and also the company employees acted as moderators. The topics about the application of CMP-related technologies to science were discussed.

In order to contribute to the technological development through the collaboration between the internal and external researchers, the EOI symposium is a part of the EHU (Ebara Hi-tech University) activity. EHU holds lectures and invites domestic and international researchers, including those involved in collaborative research at EOL (Ebara Open Laboratory). Ebara keeps updating the latest technologies, research and development for our further enhanced technical strength.


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