EBARA FUJISAWA Plant Achieves Total Production of 15 Million Standard Pumps


FUJISAWA Plant of EBARA Corporation produced its 15 millionth standard pump, 44 years since the start of production in 1965.

Pumps are used for various applications in our lives and industries, such as applications for feed water, draining and fire extinguishing.

EBARA FUJISAWA Plant Achieves Total Production of 15 Million Standard Pumps

Photograph of 15 millionth pump:(Stainless)Vertical Multi-Stage Pump (Model EVML):Diameter 80mm×11kW

Pumps have been sophisticated considering how pumps can provide comfortable lives for people. And EBARA has managed to save energy, which has been a global need, through measures such as making pumps lightweight and miniaturized, improving pump efficiency and controlling pump rotating speed.

EBARA will also further make great efforts to sophisticate pumps, satisfying the continuous needs for energy-saving, for comfortable lives. We will achieve this by enhancing after-sales services, strengthening the software such as adding a failure prediction function, and carrying out production methods that consider the environment by giving products an easy disassembly structure by type of material, and downsizing products and saving energy by applying higher pump rotation speeds.

For the standard pump business, on the basis of technologies and know-how which have been gained in Japan, EBARA will enhance its global network on sales, production and distribution bases to strengthen its business foundation more than ever in the Asian region including economically growing China, as well as in Europe and South and North America.

Progress toward 15 million pumps

FUJISAWA Plant started production in 1965, reached a total production of 5 million pumps in May 1984, and about twelve years later produced the 10 millionth pump in March 1996. The plant achieved the milestone of the 15 millionth pump in November 2008.

The first pump that FUJISAWA Plant manufactured was the End-Suction Volute Pump called Model S. The Model S Pump was mainly made of cast iron and was a so-called direct coupling pump in which the electric motor was directly connected by coupling to the pump. And FUJISAWA Plant has managed to downsize the pumps, making them lighter and smaller in size. This was typified by Model FSD, a direct acting pump that was introduced as a mono-block type pump in which the motor is directly connected to the pump. And further, Model FDP, made from a pressed stainless steel plate, was introduced.

For Packaged Booster Systems, which are used for supplying water to buildings and condominiums, FUJISAWA Plant has simultaneously realized ease of use and energy saving by changing the pump material from cast iron to stainless steel and keeping constant water pressure at the terminal by controlling the pump rotation speed with an inverter.

In addition, FUJISAWA Plant has introduced products with a high level of safety for various applications. Stainless press pumps have been added for handling rusty water; and Packaged Booster Systems, which eliminate the need for feed water pumps by connecting to feeding water directly, and Dual-drive Fire Fighting Pump Units have been introduced to enhance the reliability of operation by using an electric motor and engine as their driver.

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