EBARA launches the Model GSD Pump

In April 2020, EBARA Corporation (EBARA) launched the Model GSD pumps of the Model GS series, the standard pumps with excellent efficiency, for the global markets in the Southeast Asia and Middle East regions.
EBARA launches the Model GSD Pump

The Model GSD Pump. (Image source: Ebara Corporation)


In EBARA’s mid-term management plan “E-Plan2022”, in order to strengthen its capacity in development to be more competitive, we proceed with product development from the market-in perspective, identifying properly needs of customers. In the global standard pumps market, demands for products that are of high quality yet low-priced and energy efficient are increasing. In addition to EBARA’s continuous efforts in producing standard pumps smaller and lighter, we will promote more energy savings by bringing excellent efficiency standard pumps to the market.

The Model GSD Pump overview

- 50Hz, Direct Acting Model (Pump and Motor connected directly)

- Inlet Diameter: 32-150mm 、 Discharge 700m3/H, Total Pump Head 150m

- Excellent efficiency, Save energy

- Applicable Standard: EN733

- Main Applications: Building Facilities, Water Supply, Drainage, Irrigation,Fire Protection etc.

Future plan

Going forward EBARA plans to expand the Model GSD business also in Europe, Africa, Russia, and North America. Through improving and expanding the portfolio of the Model GS series products, our global core products, designed for various uses from industrial to drinking, EBARA shall contribute to realization of sustainable society. In the meanwhile, EBARA will enhance the brand value by resolving water problems differing in countries and regions as well as by innovating to minimize the amount of energy used, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

The EBARA Group will achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and further enhance the corporate value through tackling the ESG materiality in accordance with our long term vision and medium term business plan.

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