EBARA Signed Project to Improve the Water Supply System of Zai, Jordan

EBARA Corporation received an order to replace and upgrade existing EBARA’s pumps installed at the Zai Water Supply System in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Jordan). On June 16, a signing ceremony took place with the Ambassador, Embassy of Jordan.
EBARA Signed Project to Improve the Water Supply System of Zai, Jordan

Signing Ceremony: (from left) Kazuto Fujisawa (EBARA), Mr. Yasuhiro Nagai (Toyota Tsusho Corporation), H.E. Ms. Lina Annab (Ambassador, Embassy of Jordan), Mr. Yoshikata Kubosaki (TEC International) (Image source: EBARA Corporation)

The Zai Water Supply System is one of the major resources to supply 70% of water to the capital, Amman, home to nearly half of Jordan's population. As 30 years have passed since the current facility was built, the aging and decreased functions are becoming a problem to meet the growing needs for water. On the other hand, a geographical challenge exists. There is a in elevation difference of over 1,260 meters between Amman and the water source located in Jordan Valley. The main challenge for this project is to provide a stable water supply while achieving enhanced operation with maximized cost/energy effectiveness.

The project is being executed under the Grant Agreement between Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Jordan.

Project: The Project for Improvement of the Zai Water Supply System
Place: Zai District and Deir Alla District in Balqa Governorate, Jordan
Period: June 2021 – May 2023

  • Water Intake Pumps: 3 units,
  • Raw Water Pumps: 12 units,
  • Transmission Pumps: 3 units

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