EBARA Holds New Business Idea Competition

EBARA held the final presentation of the New Business Idea Competition “E-Start2020” internally on June 17, 2020. Taking into consideration the infection spread of COVID-19, the final judging Q&A sessions were conducted online.
EBARA Holds New Business Idea Competition

Winners of Great Award and Masao Asami, President (Center) (Image source: EBARA Corporation)

The award ceremony was held at Haneda Head Office in the second week of July and trophies were given to the winners.

EBARA started as a university venture in 1912, and manufactured the first pump made in Japan. Since then, the company has been contributing to addressing new material issues of the society as times changed. The New Business Idea Competition “E-Start2020” is part of their new efforts, going back to their founders’ spirit “Passion and Dedication”, to foster “A Corporate culture that encourages challenges “ while being imaginative and innovative, and to embody creation of new businesses.

”E-Start2020” was planned by New Business Architecture Department, Marketing Division and opened to internal entries for new business ideas. Nine proposals out of 120 proposals made it to the final presentation. The panel comprised nine judges: President & Representative Executive Officer, Masao Asami; Independent Director of EBARA, Mr. Hajime Sawabe; CEO of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., Mr. Yukihiro Maru; Presidents of EBARA’s three companies etc.

Judging criteria were:
1) Newness/Innovativeness,
2) Meeting our long-term vision “E-Vision2030”,
3) Compatibility with our technologies and other management assets,
4) Passion of applicant, etc.

Employees’ votes were also taken into consideration and recipients of the “Grand Award”, “Special Recognition Award”, “Special Jury Award”, and “Leave a Nest Award” were selected. With EBARA’s technologies as the core, from ideas related to the pumps business that is their main business to the ones that are totally new fields for EBARA were presented.

Mr. Maru, CEO of Leave a Nest commented, “No business can make profit right off the start. Important things are your passion and mind not to give up.” And another judge, Mr. Sawabe, EBARA’s Independent Director, said, “To succeed in business you need to have strong desire to make people happy, change and make a better world.” And at the end, Asami, President of EBARA, gave closing remarks that “I was happy to see that EBARA’s DNA started as the university venture is still well ingrained in our employees. For a sustainable society, let’s start more new things.”

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