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06.12.2023: Siemens Acquires BuntPlanet to Strengthen its Artificial Intelligence Portfolio in the Water Sector

04.04.2023: Siemens Xcelerator: New Sinamics G220 High-Performance Frequency Converter

07.11.2022: New Version of the Web-Based Simatic PCS Neo Control System Available

11.10.2022: Axel Lorenz is New CEO at Siemens Process Automation

24.08.2022: Digitalization Accelerates Sustainability in the Process Industry

07.06.2022: With AI and Digital Twin to a Sustainable Water Management

18.05.2022: AI-Based Service Edge App from Siemens for Higher Availability of Drives

14.06.2021: Siemens Expands Motor Portfolio for the Process Industry

20.04.2021: New Motors Extend the Application Range of the Sinamics S210 Servo Drive System

16.04.2021: Quick and Easy Simulation of Drives with New Siemens Software Solution

13.04.2021: New Smart Condition Monitoring Solution with IIoT Sensors for Industrial Plants

06.04.2021: High-Efficiency Motor Series from Siemens Consistently Available in Efficiency Class IE4

11.11.2020: New Controllers for Radar Transmitters Enhance Pump Operations

09.10.2020: Easy configuration with new 80 GHz compact radar transmitters for level measurement

27.08.2020: Siemens brings out an economical new radar antenna for level measurement

21.07.2020: TÜV Certifications for Siemens Process Control Systems in the Water and Waste Water Industry

17.07.2020: Berlin Institute Uses Digital Twin to Develop New Concepts for Water Use

17.07.2020: Berlin Institute Uses Digital Twin to Develop New Concepts for Water Use

13.03.2020: Siemens presents expanded Digital Enterprise portfolio for the next step in digital transformation

28.02.2020: Siemens wins compressor contract for Calcasieu Pass LNG Project

05.02.2020: Guided safety acceptance test for Sinamics frequency converters for easy machine validation

31.01.2020: Control technology in a magnetic field – Velan Group and Siemens rely on close cooperation for valve development

08.01.2020: Cloud-Capable Pumps and Motors – Digitalization Pilot Project in the Food Industry

03.01.2020: Updates for Siemens Frequency Converter Portfolio

16.12.2019: Sinamics Connect 300 with new intelligent features

11.11.2019: Siemens Equips Desalination Plants in Saudi Arabia with Process Automation

30.10.2019: Siemens and Acciona Extend Alliance in Plant Construction

16.10.2019: Siemens Technology Drives the World’s Largest Solar-Powered plant for Extracting Drinking Water

02.10.2019: Siemens and Grundfos Sign Digital Partnership to Tackle Global Water Challenges and Save Energy

16.09.2019: Siemens PLM Software Facilitates Energy-Saving Heat Pump Development

23.08.2019: Water Management from Siemens Optimizes Flood Control in Northern Germany

04.07.2019: Reliable Power Supply – Canadian Power Company Relies on Modern Maintenance Management

26.06.2019: Green Water Management Using Automation Technology from Siemens

20.06.2019: New Functions for Sinamics G Series and Sinamics G120X

14.06.2019: Water Provider Updates Supply Network Using Process Control Technology from Siemens

07.06.2019: Siemens and BuntPlanet to Declare a Cooperation

02.05.2019: Pump Manufacturer Creates Test Bed with End-to-End Siemens System Technology

23.04.2019: Arja Talakar Named CEO of Siemens Oil & Gas

29.03.2019: New Sizes and Additional Communication Modules Extend the Scope of Soft Starter Applications

11.03.2019: Motion Monitoring In the Digital Age: Versatile Motion Failure Alarm Facilitates Commissioning and Configuration

25.02.2019: Siemens Showcases Smart Solutions for Industry-Specific Implementation of Industrie 4.0

30.11.2018: New Sinamics G120X Converter Series Specializing in Infrastructure Applications

23.11.2018: Sidrive IQ Digital Platform: Optimized Performance into the Megawatt Range

16.11.2018: Protecting Pumps in Hazardous Areas Easily and Reliably Against Dry Running

09.11.2018: Simotics HV C Air-cooled: Innovative Cooling Concept for Greater Power Density

22.06.2018: High Safety Level under Extreme Conditions: Simotics XP Chemstar

23.05.2018: Siemens Extends Performance Spectrum of Synchronous-Reluctance Drive System

09.05.2018: Simotics XP Integrated Platform Concept Cuts Life Cycle Costs

02.05.2018: High Performance Along the Entire Value Chain with Simotics SD Pro from Siemens

26.04.2018: Siemens Converter Handling Simplified by New Module for Wireless Commissioning

05.04.2018: Digitalization Increases Efficiency and Security of Supply in the Water Industry

27.03.2018: Simplified Handling of Sinamics V-Converters with New Frame Size and Profinet Connectivity

24.01.2018: Smart Metering Solution for Water Industry Instrumented with Siemens Technology

03.01.2018: Sinamics V90 Drive with Simotics S-1FL6 21-bit Encoder Version and New Motor Design

07.12.2017: Extensive Additions to Sinamics G120 Portfolio for Optimum Handling

01.12.2017: Extended Application Scope for Siemens Low-Voltage Motors

17.11.2017: Sinamics S120 Booksize Motor Modules

06.11.2017: Siemens I/O Extension Module for Sinamics V20 Increases Converter Scope

26.10.2017: Paulo Ruiz Sternadt Named CEO for Dresser-Rand Business

26.07.2017: Siemens Mechanical Drives Unit to Become Flender GmbH on October 1

10.05.2017: Siemens Supplies Digitalization Package for the next Simotics SD Motor Generation

13.03.2017: Siemens to Secure Long-Term Competitiveness of Mechanical Drives Unit

16.01.2017: Siemens and GEA Partner in Delivering Continuous Manufacturing to Pharmaceutical Industry

21.12.2016: Siemens Extends High-Voltage Motor Portfolio to Include New Series up to 70 MW

02.12.2016: Sinamics G120C Converter Series by Siemens with New Frame Sizes to Address Higher Power Ratings

25.11.2016: Effective Protection for Electric Motors and Loads by Siemens

05.10.2016: Siemens to Supply Compact Steam Turbines to Russia and Turkey

25.08.2016: Siemens to Supply Compressor Trains for Trans Adriatic Pipeline

27.04.2016: Siemens Presents the Smallest Ever Sinamics Frequency Converter

14.08.2015: Jürgen Brandes Named CEO of Process Industries and Drives Division

27.04.2015: New Series of Planetary Gear Units Offers High Efficiency

17.04.2015: Liquid Cooling in Siemens Converters Reduces Energy Consumption

08.04.2015: Siemens: Motor Management System Communicates Via Modbus

16.03.2015: Meixner Named CEO of the Power and Gas Division

11.03.2015: Siemens Completes Range of Low-voltage Motors for Flexible Deployment

05.01.2015: Changes in Supervisory Board of Siemens AG

03.12.2014: New Software-based Drive Functions

28.11.2014: Siemens Extends Its Range of Simotics Standard Induction Motors

15.10.2014: Matthias Rebellius Appointed New CEO of Building Technologies Division

02.07.2014: Siemens Appoints Jürgen Maier as New CEO for the UK

18.06.2014: Siemens Appoints Janina Kugel As New Chief Diversity Officer

18.03.2014: Siemens Presents Simotics Motors for Operation with Sinamics Frequency Converters

14.03.2014: Sigmund Appointed to the Siemens Supervisory Board

04.03.2014: Siemens Presents Fully Integrated Planetary Gear Unit Solution up to 80 kNm

27.02.2014: Siemens Presents Simogear Geared Motors With Integrated Sinamics G110M Inverter

03.12.2013: Peter Solmssen to Resign from Siemens Managing Board

29.11.2013: Lothar Adler to Leave Siemens at the End of May 2014

13.11.2013: Siemens Introduces Full Line Vantage-System to the European Market for Water and Wastewater Treatment

05.11.2013: Siemens appoints new CEOs for India, Singapore and China

29.10.2013: Horst J. Kayser Appointed New Head of Strategy – Janina Kugel to Heas Personnel Strategy and Executive Development

17.10.2013: Miguel-Angel López to Be the New CFO of the Industry Sector

09.08.2013: Change of Leadership in Siemens Managing Board

18.03.2013: Siemens Expands Its Simotics XP Portfolio With New Motors

22.11.2012: Siemens Expands Sirius Portfolio With Particularly Compact Motor Starter

13.11.2012: Siemens: Activities for Water Treatment to Be Put Up for Sale

30.10.2012: Jürgen Amedick Becomes New CEO for the Drives Portfolio for Industry and Infrastructure Applications at Siemens

11.01.2012: The Right Drive Solution for Every Delivery Profile

19.12.2011: Siemens Extends the Series of Built-in Torque Motors in the Lower Output Range

08.12.2011: Siemens Presents the Simotics Family of Motors

31.08.2011: Economical Pumps

09.03.2011: High-Efficiency Asynchronous Motors Available Throughout Efficiency Classes IE2 and IE3

04.03.2011: Converters Can Now Be Selected According To Specific Applications

28.02.2011: Energy-Saving Pump Design for Hydraulic Applications with the Sinamics Servo Pump from Siemens

24.02.2011: Extending the Siemens Sinamics Family With New Inverter

27.04.2010: Siemens to Supply Pumping Solution for TransCanada’s Keystone Expansion in North America

22.04.2009: New Inverter Modules for Pumps, Fans & Compressors and For Chemical Applications

24.04.2008: New Compact Device for Soft Starting of Motors

26.06.2007: Dresser-Rand Announces Leadership Changes

30.01.2007: Siemens to Acquire UGS

17.11.2006: Rugged Real-Time Operating System for Industrial Computers

26.04.2006: Location-Independent Monitoring

19.04.2006: Siemens Acquires Controlotron

14.03.2006: Software Efficiently Transfers R&D to Manufacturing

28.02.2006: Warning Messages Also to Cell Phone

16.12.2005: Siemens Introduces New “View-at-a-Glance” LC 150 Pump Controller

22.11.2005: Efficient Engineering Software for Modular Plants

06.10.2005: Precision Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Communicates via Profibus

05.08.2005: Initial Public Offering of Dresser-Rand with $21,00 per Share

07.07.2005: Acquisition of Flender by Siemens Approved

06.07.2005: Dresser-Rand Announces Agreement with Tuthill Corporation

24.06.2005: Powerful Device for Automation Applications

22.06.2005: MES Software with Extended Functions

23.05.2005: Dresser-Rand Introduces 400RT Series Steam Turbines

21.04.2005: Complete Energy Management Software

07.04.2005: Calculating Potential Energy Savings Online

16.02.2005: Acoustic Detection of Leaks in Pumps

13.01.2005: New President of Siemens A&D Industrial Automation Systems

29.09.2004: Systematic Automation and Maintenance of Plants

08.09.2004: First Reserve to Acquire Energy Infrastructure Leader from Ingersoll Rand

10.06.2004: Dresser Rand Introduces Client Interface and Response System

15.04.2004: New Technology Helps Eliminate Compressor Moisture Damage

29.01.2004: Easy Plant Validation

28.07.2003: New Generation of Drives from Siemens A&D

21.05.2001: Soft motor start is gentle on power supply and mechanical components