Updates for Siemens Frequency Converter Portfolio

With numerous innovations, Siemens is extending its drive portfolio, improving user-friendliness and offering space-saving installation options.
Updates for Siemens Frequency Converter Portfolio

With new sizes, a new arrangement of connections and a control unit adapter kit, the converters from Siemens save space. (Image source: Siemens AG)

The Sinamics G120X converter, designed specifically for use in water/wastewater applications and in HVAC systems, is now also available in a three-phase 3AC 200V voltage variant in the power range up to 55 kW.

This means that the converters can now be integrated seamlessly into applications in the USA and in Latin America. Due to its robust construction and the coating of the PCBs according to 3C3 standard the converter is suitable for harsh environments. The new module for extending the digital and analog inputs and outputs increases the flexibility and the optimal control of converter-guided applications. The Sinamics G120X now also supports the communication protocols Profibus, Modbus RTU, USS and BACnet MS/TP. It is equipped with extensive interfaces and can be easily integrated into existing or new systems.

The Sinamics G120 modular frequency converter combines with the Sinamics control unit adapter kit CUA20 to provide an option for simple and flexible cabinet design. The adapter kit supports DNV GL-certified cabinet designs. Power modules and the control unit can be separated physically and thermally, making the converter even more flexible and customizable.A new Sinamics V20 converter size has been added in the 2.2 kW to 3 kW power range. The 32 percent smaller size FSAD with cabinet dimensions of 176.5 x 136.6 x 158 mm makes the Sinamics V20 an even more flexible and space-saving solution. The Sinamics G120C frequency converter also features excellent flexibility. Thanks to the new arrangement of the plug connections, in future there will be more space in the control cabinet.

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