Siemens Introduces Full Line Vantage-System to the European Market for Water and Wastewater Treatment


Siemens Water Technologies has introduced its full line of Vantage high purity water treatment products that will now be available to the European industrial market. From pre-treatment to membranes to polishing, the Vantage family provides cost-effective, reliable solutions for high purity water applications.

Three main components now offered include the Vantage UFI ultrafiltration (UF) system, Vantage reverse osmosis system (RO) and Ionpure continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) system. When combined, all components provide a superior solution to produce high purity water and eliminate regeneration chemicals.

With UF quickly becoming the process of choice over conventional filtration technology, Siemens Vantage UFI systems offer a robust platform designed to protect downstream RO equipment. Vantage UFI mid-range (four, eight and 12-module units) membrane systems are designed and manufactured to remove suspended solids and organic impurities from a variety of different water streams. With a pore size of 0.02 (nominal) µm, the UF membrane efficiently removes turbidity, particulates, bacteria and pathogens delivering consistently high-quality water, independent of changes in the raw water quality. The modified polyethersulfone (PES) membrane is durable over a wide pH range and highly resistant to fouling by organic matter.

Following UFI, the Vantage product family offers RO membrane systems with a range of flow rates designed for a variety of industrial applications requiring high quality equipment with a fast delivery and competitive price. Vantage multi-staged, single-pass RO units have standard utility connections and easy-to-set up controls for quick on-line service.

Vantage VNX systems are designed for production of high purity water using the continuous CEDI process, a safe, chemical-free method to take RO water to a higher level of purity. In the VNX ion exchange module, nearly all available ions will be removed from the feed water via semi-permeable membranes by applying a DC electrical field. VNX systems use a proven proprietary process to continuously produce high purity water up to 17MOhm-cm. The process does not need chemicals or high purity water for regeneration.

Vantage s multiple membrane treatment approach requires less chemicals and replaces several processes in a smaller footprint," said Ruediger Meyer, Siemens Water Technologies Industrial sales manager for Europe. "The multiple membrane approach has proven to be a cost-effective boiler feed water solution for customers in North America and we look forward to offering it to our European industrial customers."

Rugged, pre-engineered and pre-assembled Vantage systems minimize installation and start-up costs. The systems are factory tested and only require single point utility connections. Simple design ensures reliable operation and minimizes installation and maintenance costs.

Vantage high purity water treatment products can be supplied as a totally integrated solution or as a combination of individual products.

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