Sigmund Appointed to the Siemens Supervisory Board


Michael Sigmund (56) was appointed, at the request of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, to the Supervisory Board by the District Court of Charlottenburg (Berlin) as the new representative of the Executive Employees.

Sigmund Appointed to the Siemens Supervisory Board

Michael Sigmund (Image: Siemens)

The appointment takes effect on March 1, 2014. Michael Sigmund succeeds Rainer Sieg (65), whose employment with Siemens will be terminated on February 28, 2014 upon his reaching retirement age and he accordingly stepped down from the Supervisory Board. "We thank Rainer Sieg for his many years of constructive and trusting work on the Supervisory Board. In the name of the full Supervisory Board, I welcome Mr. Sigmund and look forward to our work together," said Gerhard Cromme, Chairman of the Siemens Supervisory Board.

Michael Sigmund is Head of Communications at the Siemens Healthcare Sector. The body of Executive Employees names a representative on the Siemens Supervisory Board. This individual is one of the ten employee representatives on the 20-member Supervisory Board.

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