Simotics XP Integrated Platform Concept Cuts Life Cycle Costs


With its new generation of Simotics XP motors, Siemens is providing a technologically integrated platform concept encompassing all explosion-proof low-voltage motors.

Simotics XP Integrated Platform Concept Cuts Life Cycle Costs

Based on the proven modular Simotics system, this future-proof platform covers all types of protection – making it ideally suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in the process industries. The use of standardized selection and engineering tools as well as uniform documentation which can be flexibly adjusted to individual requirements makes for simpler and faster project processing. Together with short delivery times, this can substantially cut project run times. The motor design has been optimized for the process industries, and is available across all protection types in efficiency class IE3. Life cycle costs are reduced despite improved motor availability and better maintenance conditions. By digitally mapping the real plant together with all its components to create a digital twin, Simotics XP becomes a part of the digital enterprise. The knowledge gained as a result can be used across the entire life cycle, permitting further optimization during the planning, engineering and commissioning phase, and also facilitating aftersales services and the stocking of spare parts. Typical applications for the new Simotics XP generation include pumps, fans, compressors, extruders, mixers and agitators.

Building on its decades of experience and expertise in the field of explosion protection, Siemens has continuously developed its existing explosion-proof motor landscape to create an integrated platform covering the protection type spectrum for zone 1 in Ex db eb (0.25-460 kW) and Ex eb (0.25-165 kW), zone 2 in Ex tb (0.09-200kW) and zone 2 in Ex tc (0.09-200kW. Due to the standardized underlying design concept, the universal principles of the low-voltage standard motors also apply to the certified motor variants, meaning that less effort is involved in planning, integration, storage and spare part stocking as well as servicing. Short delivery times and the elimination of project-specific system tests for variable-speed operation with frequency converters from the Sinamics family make for substantially faster project implementation. In addition, all the important global, country and industry-specific certificates are already available. The consistent use of standard tools and processes for low-voltage motors makes for far simpler planning, engineering, procurement, integration, commissioning as well as servicing and operation. All the Simotics XP motors comply with the requirements of efficiency class IE3, resulting in exceptionally low operating costs. Due to the flexible modular system used, the overall platform provides an ideal solution both for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and for project business.

Additional optimization potential can be realized through the use of digital twins. This involves using data from 3D modeling and Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations over the whole of the life cycle to reduce the work involved in design, dimensioning and commissioning, and also for later modernization.

The data matrix code applied to the motor, which is used to store individual technical data, certificates and spare parts lists for the relevant motor, allows the information to be conveniently displayed in full using the Simotics Digital Data App. This simplifies both commissioning and spare part management, as well as lending the whole plant far greater transparency.

With its new generation of Simotics XP motors, Siemens has provided a simpler and faster way to implement projects and ensure optimum explosion protection.

Picture: Simotics XP encompasses the entire spectrum of all explosion-proof motor models and protection types, making it ideal for use in potentially explosive atmospheres occurring in the process industries. (Image: Siemens)

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