Siemens Xcelerator: New Sinamics G220 High-Performance Frequency Converter

With Sinamics G220, Siemens is launching a new high-performance frequency converter to join the Sinamics family. The innovative frequency converters are equipped with so-called clean power technology.
Siemens Xcelerator: New Sinamics G220 High-Performance Frequency Converter

SINAMICS G220 tech and data high quality

This reduces harmonics by up to 97 percent without the need for line harmonic chokes or DC link chokes. As a result, the Sinamics G220 frequency converters are significantly more efficient in terms of space utilization and operation and make engineering much easier. The new frequency converters are also the first Sinamics drives to join of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, the Siemens-wide business platform for digital transformation. This is because Sinamics G220 frequency converters are also an integral part of the TIA portal and have a digital twin in Startdrive, the commissioning tool for drives. This allows the behavior of the drive to be tested and optimized before the hardware is available.

With the integrated web server, commissioning times can also be significantly reduced. The new converters are also equipped with an IIoT module. This means that Sinamics G220 frequency converters can be easily integrated into cloud and edge applications, which increases the transparency of their applications. Availabilities can thus be optimized, and downtimes avoided.

In the area of cybersecurity, the Sinamics G220 is equipped with Security Integrated as standard, providing secure communication, integrity and authenticity checks to protect against tampered firmware, and User Management & Access Control. Sinamics G220 converters come with a range of hardware options and software functions, allowing them to be flexibly adapted to the respective application cases required. For example, the Sinamics G220 is also available in IP55 and there are special coatings for harsh environments. Thanks to the high-quality components and hardware design, the drive is designed for a long service life. When it comes to Safety Integrated, the new frequency converters reach the next level by meeting SIL 3 requirements.

Sinamics G220 are suitable for all industries, but especially for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas, and marine industries.

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