MES Software with Extended Functions


Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) has developed the OEE-DTM (overall equipment effectiveness and downtime management) product option for version 6.1 of its MES (manufacturing execution systems) software Simatic IT.

The new software for the operational efficiency analysis of deployed machinery optimizes the return on investment (ROI) for producing companies. Whilst a world class OEE value in the manufacturing industry should be above 85 percent, today's typical value is only 60 percent. The new software helps manufacturers to increase the efficiency of his production plant.

Simatic IT OEE-DTM enables the definition and calculation of multiple so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for benchmarking the plant efficiency from a variety of perspectives. Examples of KPIs are availability rate, performance rate, quality rate, MTBF (mean time between failure), MTTA (mean time to assist), MTBA (mean time between assist), MTTR (mean time to repair). Using the calculated efficiency, the system finds underused machinery or idle times and detects whether resources are being used efficiently. In addition, the system can react with the corresponding corrective actions to improve in run time the efficiency of the asset.

Simatic IT OEE-DTM offers many functions, e.g. the "downtime management" for calculating downtimes. Using the "downtime distribution analysis" the efficiency analysis is then carried out via graphical objects. Individual maintenance tasks can be defined for individual machines and the downtimes required can be correctly allocated using the function "downtime splitting and merging". The function "root cause analysis" helps finding the causes of equipment downtime, preventing idle times, identifying poorly performing production areas quickly and improving the plant performance continually.

Background information:

Many factors affect plant efficiency during daily operation. The Six Big Losses are known by every manufacturer: Breakdowns and changeovers limit the availability of machines, micro-downtimes and reduced speed affect machine productivity, while non conforming items and scrap caused by incorrect changeovers reduce production quality. In accordance with the international MES standard ISA 95, OEE aims to minimize production variations in terms of quality and at the same time maximize machine performance and production efficiency. OEE provides a total measure of the availability of processes related to productivity and quality. Using OEE, the overall efficiency of the equipment is being determined and the operational performance controlled. A precondition is the consistent acquisition of information related machines but fully contextualized against the plant model, the resources, and the production environment, (e.g. production orders, batches, personnel, products and material lots.

For more information please visit the A&D Simatic website.

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