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20.11.2023: Watson-Marlow Announces Launch of Bredel NR Transfer Hose

14.11.2023: Bredel and Qdos Peristaltic Pumps Help Decontaminate Mine Water

10.10.2023: Watson-Marlow Wins Gold at MassEcon Economic Impact Awards

14.09.2023: FAMIX Relies on MasoSine Certa Pumps for Blending Various Viscosities of Syrup in Its Beverage Systems

08.09.2023: Cheesemaker Chooses Certa to Reduce Energy Costs

14.07.2023: Editorial: How to Eliminate the Risk and Mess of Polymer Spills

14.06.2023: WMFTS Pumps Reduce Chemical Waste for St. Eval Candle Company

09.06.2023: Bredel Hose Pump Plays an Integral Role in TOMRA’s Sustainable Potato Peeling Solution

08.06.2023: Qdos Pump Doses for Three Years without Fault

06.06.2023: Dairy Company Switches to FaBLINE for Better Hose Life

30.05.2023: Qdos 60 PU Peristaltic Pump Doses Polymer for Three Years Without Leaks and Maintenance Downtime 

23.05.2023: Watson-Marlow Announces new Certa Compact for Food and Beverage Applications 

20.04.2023: Optimising Chemical Dosing in a Challenging Operating Climate

10.02.2023: New Qdos 60 PU Pump With Advanced Polymer Metering Capabilities

11.10.2022: Accurate and Proven Pump Solutions for Plant-Based, Cultivated Meat and Fermentation Applications

04.08.2022: German WWTP Achieves 97.5% Phosphorus Load Reduction

28.07.2022: Watson-Marlow launches augmented reality (AR) app for Bredel hose pump maintenance

27.06.2022: New WMFTS Webinar Advances in Low Maintenance Chemical Dosing

16.06.2022: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions Announces Aflex FaBLINE Hose for Food and Beverage Processing 

27.04.2022: New Parts Provide Even More Ease-of-Use Hygiene and Safety for Watson-Marlow Certa Pump Users

12.04.2022: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions: Name Change Reflects Complete Fluid Management Solution Offering

21.03.2022: Qdos CWT Pump Solves Pipeline Pressure Challenge 

09.03.2022: Watson-Marlow Launches Industry First Augmented Reality App for Sine Pump Maintenance 

18.02.2022: New PROFINET-enabled Pumps Enable Seamless Integration of Fluid Delivery up to Enterprise-Level

17.12.2021: Paint Manufacturer Cuts Maintenance and Cleaning Costs with Bredel Hose Pumps 

29.11.2021: Correct Pump Selection Vital for Seed Treatment Applications 

25.11.2021: Watson-Marlow Announces Ground Breaking of New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

04.11.2021: Treatment Plant Efficiency Rising up Utility Agendas

29.10.2021: Watson-Marlow Announces Details of New U.S. Manufacturing Facility

12.10.2021: Emerging Lithium Extraction Sector Takes Advantage of Peristaltic Pumps from WMFTG

08.09.2021: New Report Reveals How to Improve Dairy Production Yield

12.07.2021: Aflex Announces Direct Sales and Technical Support in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria

22.06.2021: Padstow Cheese Quadruples Output with Help of Sine Pump

09.06.2021: 60 Years of Bredel Peristaltic Hose Pumps

07.06.2021: Leanbio Optimises Biologics Manufacturing with WMFTG Pump

28.05.2021: Market Growth Leads to Major Investments in Manufacturing Capacity at Watson-Marlow

25.05.2021: New Peristaltic Pump Technology Delivers Major Advance in Long-Life Chemical Metering

27.04.2021: Food Grade Tubing and Certifications for Qdos Range

22.04.2021: New Process Pump for the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries

20.04.2021: Better Pump Control Improves Polymer Dosing Accuracy

14.04.2021: Czech Republic and Slovakia to Benefit from WMFTG Direct Sales Support

25.03.2021: Certa Pumps Eradicate Yeast Handling Issues at German Brewery

22.03.2021: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Launches New Website

18.03.2021: WMFTG Extends Support in Balkan Region

02.03.2021: Gold Mine Switches to Watson-Marlow Qdos and Bredel APEX Pumps

09.02.2021: Editorial: Peristaltic Hose Pumps Outperform Centrifugal Counterparts in Flue Gas Desulphurisation

05.02.2021: 150,000th Bredel Peristaltic Hose Pump Sold to Customer in Mexico

29.01.2021: Qdos Chemical Metering Pumps With Four Configurable Outputs

27.01.2021: New Machine Centre Increases Speed of Pump Component Production Lead Time

25.01.2021: New Sinusoidal Pump for Shear Sensitive, Viscous Pharmaceutical Products

05.01.2021: Direct Sales and Support for Bredel Heavy Duty Hose Pumps in Europe

15.12.2020: Pump Reduces Chocolate Flavour Changes from Hours to Minutes

20.11.2020: Efficient Food Processing with Long-Life PTFE-Lined Hose

29.10.2020: Watson-Marlow Tube Pump Aids Hunt for Harmful Microplastics

22.10.2020: New online video case study content demonstrates value of ‘precise and accurate’ chemical metering for UK paper manufacturer

02.10.2020: Navigating the challenges of mass vaccine production

07.09.2020: WMFTG extends support for Nordic region with direct sales offices in Finland and Norway

14.08.2020: New Sine Pump to Enhance Food Product Quality

06.08.2020: New Pump for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

31.07.2020: New Sinusoidal Pump for Shear Sensitive, Viscous Pharmaceutical Products

01.07.2020: Viscous sugar syrups prove no problem for MasoSine pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

17.06.2020: Bakery and Confectionery equipment specialist standardises on Qdos pumps for pilot installations

20.03.2020: Global study identifies factors for investment and development in UK brewing market

13.02.2020: Bakery benefits from Certa Sine pump in viscous product application

29.01.2020: MasoSine Certa pumps match consumer appetite for superfoods

20.01.2020: Qdos Pumps Used Extensively for Polymer Dosing in Wastewater Treatment

18.12.2019: New Edition of White Paper Concludes Peristaltic Pump Technology can Deliver 70 percent+ Water Savings for Mining Industry

12.12.2019: Full FDA Compliance of Certa 250 Pump Enables US Exports for UK Natural Healthcare Manufacturer

13.11.2019: Watson-Marlow: Sine Pumps for High Viscous Syrup in Drinks Production

06.11.2019: Certa Pump Proves Ideal for Yeast Transfer at Major Independent Brewery

22.08.2019: Qdos Pumps Replace Diaphragm Pumps in Paint Shop Chemical Metering Application

08.08.2019: New South Africa Office for Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

05.08.2019: Aflex Hose Extends European Reach With Direct Sales in a Further Three Countries

01.08.2019: Technical Paper Shows How to Cut Energy Use in Papermaking Industry

24.07.2019: Bredel and Qdos Pumps Cut Cost of Wastewater Treatment at Herbal Drinks and Health Preparations Plant

15.07.2019: WMFTG Offers Optimum Way of Matching Hose Material to Pumped Fluids

27.06.2019: Bredel Hose Pumps Transfer Abrasive Slurry 24/7 at Aluminium Salt Slag Recovery Plant

17.06.2019: New ReNu Pumphead Technology Offers Accurate and Repeatable Flow for Polymer Dosing

10.04.2019: Certified Pumps from Watson-Marlow Assure Safe Use in Water Industry Applications

29.03.2019: Qdos and Apex Pumps Help Treat Hydrodemolition Water in Latest EcoClear Machine

30.01.2019: Food Processing Company Eliminates Risk of Contamination

25.01.2019: Qdos Metering Pump With 12-24V DC Power Supply Set to Boost Mobile Applications

05.12.2018: Bredel Pumps Save Slovenian Waste Water Treatment Plant Time and Money

28.11.2018: Carton Manufacturing Plant Replaces Diaphragm and PC Pumps with Qdos

22.11.2018: Bredel Hose Pumps Preferred in Abrasive Cement Slurry Applications

07.11.2018: New Asepco AKS Actuator Series Simplifies Installation and Maintenance for Process Valve Piping Systems

24.10.2018: Quantum Peristaltic Bioprocessing Pump Selected by Biotech Training Institute

19.10.2018: Aflex Extends Global Reach with Direct Sales and Technical Support in EEU Countries

14.09.2018: Bredel Hose Pumps Overcome Sewerage Challenges at UK Fuel Stations

06.06.2018: Pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Have Replaced Piston Pumps at a Water Treatment Plant in Limoges, France

07.05.2018: Independent White Paper Concludes WMFTGs Quantum Technology ‘Successfully Addresses Many of the Current Limitations Seen in Single-Use Pumps’

24.04.2018: New White Paper by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

06.04.2018: Peristaltic Pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Help Ice Cream Maker Dose Hot Sauce with Accuracy

23.03.2018: Sine Pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Optimize High Viscosity Resin Delivery at Enercon

15.03.2018: Growth at WMFTG Catalyzes Appointment of New Regional Sales Manager for Central Europe

08.02.2018: Bredel Pumps Deliver 25% Improvement to Process Uptime and Contribute to Reduced CO2 Emissions at Italian Organic Waste Recycling Plant

26.01.2018: New Qdos 20 by Watson-Marlow Optimizes Metering for Sodium Hypochlorite Applications

06.12.2017: Metering Accuracy of Qdos Pumps Contributes to Product Excellence at Historic Papermill

15.11.2017: Qdos Pumps by WMDTG Deliver Precise Chemical Dosing at Car Wash

14.09.2017: Bredel 65 Pumps Eliminates AODD Pump Issues at Major Lithium Battery Plant

31.07.2017: Bredel Pumps Provide Hygienic Solutions at Russian Food Plant

05.07.2017: WMFTG Completes Process Pump Range for Industrial Applications

13.04.2017: Twenty One Bredel Hose Pumps Installed in Landmark Sustainable Energy Project

04.04.2017: WMFTG Unveiled Quantum Peristaltic Pump

30.03.2017: Qdos Pump Replaces Three Diaphragm Pumps at Major Water Treatment Plant

22.03.2017: OEM Pumpheads from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Help Cool Covert Drilling System

02.03.2017: Accurate Dosing Pumps Enable Welsh Water to Maintain Strict Phosphorus Limits and Reduce Maintenance Costs

30.01.2017: Web Videos by WMFTG Communicate the Benefits of Peristaltic Hose Pumps Over Alternative Pump Technologies

16.12.2016: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group acquires Aflex Hose Ltd

08.12.2016: Cream Cheese Plant Benefits from New Certa Pump´s Gentle Handling and Cip Capability

18.11.2016: Bredel Pumps Replace Piston Pumps on Cement Slurry Projects

15.07.2016: Watson-Marlow Delivers Vital Dosing Operations and Maintenance Savings to Tissue Manufacturer

23.06.2016: White Paper Proves Sine Pump Energy Benefits for Process/Engineering Plants

02.05.2016: Extension of Watson-Marlow´s Qdos Range

11.03.2016: New Watson-Marlow 530 Pumps Ensure Safe, Accurate and Intuitive Operation for Industrial and Environmental Applications

22.02.2016: Peristaltic Pumps Maximise Uptime and Eliminate Contamination for Fluid Transfer Operation

20.01.2016: Bredel Hose Pumps Tackle Toughest Jobs for Siltbuster

11.12.2015: Watson-Marlow acquires the Business of Flow Smart

17.11.2015: Apex Hose Pumps Replace PC Pumps for Reliable Bentonite Pumping at South African Waterworks

09.11.2015: Polpharma Doubles Productivity With Watson-Marlow 620 Pumps

12.10.2015: Qdos Pump Technology Cuts Maintenance Time from 1.5 Hours to Just 5 Minutes at Effluent Treatment Plant

23.09.2015: Watson-Marlow Belives ESOS is an Opportunity for Pump Users

02.09.2015: High Viscosity Cooked Starch No Problem for MasoSine Pump

19.08.2015: Paper Mill Replaces Diaphragm Pumps With Qdos Metering Pumps

29.07.2015: Pumping Peanut Butter Made Easy Using Watson-Marlow´s MasoSine SPS200

13.07.2015: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Acquires MasoSine Manufacturing and Pump Distributorship in Japan

02.07.2015: Apex Pumps Reduce Maintenance at Amstead Rail

25.06.2015: Bredel Apex35 Hose Pumps Increase Accuracy of pH Control

15.06.2015: Bredel Pump Cuts Maintenance Costs at ‘Energy from Waste’ Plant

08.06.2015: Bredel Expands Apex Hose Pump Range

21.05.2015: Droyt Products Replaces Manual Decanting With Bredel 32 Hose Pump

23.04.2015: Qdos Dosing Pumps Improve Production Uptime at Aluminium Coating Plant

09.04.2015: Quality Control of Alcoholic Beverages Relies on OEM Pumps from Watson-Marlow

11.03.2015: Watson-Marlow Announces Name Change

14.01.2015: Latest IE3 Rated Pump Motors From Watson-Marlow Offer Cost Savings

15.12.2014: Flexicon Pumps Used to Dose Small Volumes of Liquid Vitamins

12.11.2014: Masosine Pump Delivers Hassle-Free Jam Pumping at Polish Croissant Plant

06.11.2014: Qdos Pumps Replace Diaphragm Pumps in Electroplating Application

09.07.2014: New QDOS 60 Metering Pump For High Accuracy Applications

28.03.2014: Watson-Marlow Pumps Group Demonstrates Extended Product Portfolio

11.12.2013: New Pump Hoses for Food Applications

19.09.2013: Watson-Marlow Adds Two New Pump Sizes to Its range of SPS Sine Pumps

08.05.2013: New Generation Pumps Purpose-designed for Medical Applications

22.10.2012: Accurate Peristaltic Hose Pumps For Ceramic Slip

12.07.2012: Stainless Steel Power Frame for Masosine SPS Pumps

29.06.2012: New Hose Pumps from Bredel

21.06.2012: Watson-Marlow Launches Qdos Range for Chemical Metering Applications

18.04.2012: Accurate Pump for Ceramic Slip

14.11.2011: Watson-Marlow’s New 120 Peristaltic Pump

30.04.2007: Watson-Marlow Bredel announces metering pump for antimicrobial treatment chemicals

10.12.2004: The All-New Watson-Marlow 400 Series: Compact Precision

05.05.2004: Peristaltic Pump Clears The Way for Network Rail

18.02.2004: Watson-Marlow Bredel Put Down Roots in South Africa

14.10.2003: Microcassete Pumpheads in Warfare Detection Equipment

14.10.2003: International Web Sites Added

08.10.2003: New Pumps Installed at UK Print Companies

14.07.2003: 521CC Peristaltic Pumps for Industry and Extremes

27.06.2003: Peristaltic Pumps Give Accurate Coating Control

22.04.2003: New Laboratory Pump for Scientific Needs

22.04.2003: New High-pressure Hose Pumps

23.01.2002: The new Sci-Q 300 series – powerful performance for the benchtop

24.04.2001: New 620 Series