Masosine Pump Delivers Hassle-Free Jam Pumping at Polish Croissant Plant


A MasoSine SPS series process pump from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group is optimising the filling of croissants with jam at the Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland plant of Chipita.

Chipita, which was established in Greece in 1973, struck gold in 1991 with the launch of its 7Days individually packaged, long life croissant. This success allowed the company to expand beyond Greek borders into international markets. Today, the company has 18 manufacturing plants in 10 different countries, including Poland. In addition to croissants, Chipita produces cakes, baked rolls, confectionary and potato chips.

Process review

Chipita has a proven track record of continually reviewing its manufacturing processes, and recently decided to revisit some of its existing jam filling lines at Tomaszów Mazowiecki. To improve the jam application process, engineers at Chipita opted to take advantage of MasoSine SPS series pumps.

MasoSine pumps have been designed specifically for the food industry. The pumps feature a sinusoidal rotor that produces powerful suction with low shear and low pulsation that safely transfers delicate products without risk of degradation – ideal for jam transfer at Chipita.

SPS pumps are extremely popular at food plants around the world. They are suitable for applications up to 15 bar pressure and flows up to 90,000 l/hr. Products with viscosities up to 8 million cP can be transferred with suction up to 0.85 bar. Furthermore, the highly efficient working principle of MasoSine pumps means they can contribute to energy savings and a reduction in CO2. In addition, maintenance takes minutes and can be performed in-place by a line operative. All MasoSine SPS pumps have a 20-year warranty on the pumphead housing and front cover.

Select the best

"If we want to continue to develop, we must use the best technology available,” says Dariusz Krawczyk, Technical Manager at Chipita. “MasoSine pumps have been recommended to us by our headquarters in Greece. We did not opt for a trial period as the Greek manufacturing facility has been using MasoSine technology for years and is very pleased with the results.”

Once the MasoSine SPS pump arrived at Tomaszów Mazowiecki, it was simply mounted into position and production could recommence with hardly any downtime.

Efficiency boosted

“The installation process was completed without any issues, and the new pump has resulted in a positive effect on production efficiency,” says Mr Krawczyk.

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