New White Paper by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has produced a white paper explaining how MasoSine Certa pumps using sine technology offer significant benefits compared with rotary positive displacement types such as lobe pumps.

The advantages include gentle product handling, improved yield and far easier cleaning, making Sine pumps ideal for cheese manufacturing. Independent testimony and a relevant case study are evidenced throughout the white paper.

Product integrity

To remain competitive, producers in the cost sensitive dairy sector are being driven by the need to increase output. For example, in cheese manufacturing it is essential to maintain high product integrity and avoid waste. Here, careful handling of the curds and whey is one method that allows both quality and profitability to remain high.

The white paper sets out in detail how low shear Sine pump technology helps to reduce the amount of fines and retain fat within the cheese curds; a vital aspect of ensuring product integrity. This capability results in improved yield due to an increased amount of cheese manufactured from the same quantity of milk. Furthermore, product quality increases due to the pumps’ gentle handling, helping cheese producers command an increased price for a higher quality product.

Also explained is the concept and design of Sine pumps, and how they compare to competing types, while a further area of focus is hygiene and the benefits this brings to those in the cheese manufacturing sector.

Case study

To illustrate what can be achieved using sine pump technology, an interesting and relevant case study is presented focusing on a dairy producer in Scandinavia that produces 70,000 tonnes of cheese a year. Savings are set out in terms of increased cheese yield and increased productivity, detailing how investment in the latest sine pump technology can lead to payback in just six months.

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