Treatment Plant Efficiency Rising up Utility Agendas

Rising energy costs and tightening budgets mean water companies are looking for opportunities for cost savings across their operations. Optimisation of chemical dosing presents water companies with a significant opportunity to drive efficiency in water and wastewater treatment and is the theme of an upcoming webinar from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG).
Treatment Plant Efficiency Rising up Utility Agendas

Sewage treatment plant - waste water purification, aerial view. (Image source: Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group)

Many water and wastewater treatment applications involve dosing chemicals, including drinking water disinfection, pH correction and coagulation and flocculation. Not only does careful choice of dosing equipment make a big impact on dosing accuracy and total chemical consumption, costs can also be reduced on maintenance and operations, and a reduction in the requirement for ancillary equipment.

With energy efficiency in treatment works operations also rising up the agenda for water and wastewater utilities, the expert panel will explore the issues from a whole-life costs perspective. The webinar will also feature a chemical dosing case study from Ross-shire Engineering (RSE) presented by project engineer Gary Callachan from RSE.

Callachan will be joined by Eddy Smeaton, senior regional engineering consultant - industrial and environmental, WMFTG, and Bruce Quilter, global training manager, to discuss the benefits of different chemical dosing equipment systems. Particular dosing challenges, including sodium chlorite gassing, will also be explored and the panel will share insights into new technologies emerging in the market.

The webinar discussion and Q&A is hosted by Jo Weekes, WMFTG regional sales manager northern Europe and will be shown on Wednesday 17 November 2021 | 16:00 BST or 11:00 EDT. It follows a recent report on metering abrasive chemicals produced by WMFTG.

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