Microcassete Pumpheads in Warfare Detection Equipment


Smiths Detection, a leading player in the creation of advanced detection and security systems, has spent the last three years collaborating with Insys Ltd to develop a technologically advanced Integrated Biological Detection System (IBDS).

The Smiths IBDS is a vehicle-mounted laboratory environment that houses a bio detection system used to detect biological and chemical particles in the atmosphere, and features Watson-Marlow Bredel OEM pumpheads.

The IBDS equipment is reliant on pumpheads that can handle very small amounts of fluid within a wide range of flow rates to distribute the liquid sample to the detection units within the vehicle. When researching a suitable pumphead for the application, Smiths Detection found that the only product that met these demands was the Watson-Marlow Bredel 308MC microcassette pumphead.

By using multi-channel flows of the 308MC microcassette pumpheads, which are ideally suited to the movement of very small amounts of fluid, the detection system can split fluids and meter them to different devices simultaneously.

The bio detection system containing the pumps and detection equipment is fitted inside a sealed cabinet, which is attached to a specially designed military vehicle. The vehicle can be driven anywhere for air sample analysis.

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