Efficient Food Processing with Long-Life PTFE-Lined Hose

Food and beverage plants can now maximise production line profitability with FaBLine, a new food-grade flexible hose from Aflex, part of the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG). Developed to meet the latest hygiene standards, the patented PTFE-lined hose with standard 316 stainless steel braid ensures efficient product transfer and handling while simultaneously offering longer life than rubber hose alternatives.
Efficient Food Processing with Long-Life PTFE-Lined Hose

FaBLine, a new food-grade flexible hose (Image source: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group)

Kink-free flexibility
Alongside benefits such as increased service life, reduced maintenance, less CIP downtime and lower processing costs, FaBLine offers excellent liner flexibility in a kink-resistant design that requires less force to bend than competitor smooth bore products. Furthermore, the product carries up to twice the flow of similar-sized convoluted delivery hoses, providing a faster, more efficient processing solution.

Operating performance is also elevated. For instance, traditional rubber hoses can block or burst in applications that involve the transfer of highly viscous media, with FaBLine’s low-friction, smooth-bore construction minimises back-pressure to avoid downtime and material losses.

Smooth operator
Eliminating the potential for any product entrapment or bacterial build up, FaBLine’s smooth bore is one of many inherent hygiene design features. Moreover, as its construction is free of internal adhesives, the hose will not absorb product or cleaning chemicals that can leach into and taint subsequent product batches.

The PTFE lining further ensures cleanability with excellent chemical and heat resistance during CIP cycles. FaBLine’s high temperature rating also makes it perfect for utility connections to steam and hot water systems, highlighting its versatility throughout food and beverage production processes.

Both PTFE-lined and non-lined end fittings are available with a laser-etched ferrule for traceability. A range of braid, cover and external protection options complete the offer.

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