Peristaltic Pumps Give Accurate Coating Control


Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pumps have replaced pressure regulators in a key stage of a coating process at Permastore Ltd. The pumps offer better flow control and improved material utilisation in the production of glass-coated steel plates or panels.

Permastore manufactures a wide range of storage tanks that are made from these specially formed panels. The panels have a corrosion-resistant glass coating fused onto both sides and this gives them a hard, low friction and incredibly tough finish for storage of solid and liquid products in agricultural, industrial and effluent applications.

As part of the panel coating process, Permastore sprays a precisely controlled coating solution which is a highly abrasive and toxic suspension of minerals, clay and catalytic agents, onto the surface of the prepared steel sheet.

Watson-Marlow Bredel 500 series pumps were selected to replace the pressure regulator equipment previously used for this duty, as it was unable to cope adequately with either fluid viscosity differences, or the varying back pressure generated by the spray guns as they moved vertically to cover the sheet surface.

Installed in-line with the existing control system, the 500 series pumps fitted with Marprene tubing, deliver a precise volume of coating solution to the spraying system, operating up to 14 hours each day.

The pumps remote stop/start facility, permitting instant control, has been integrated with the spray gun controls, to allow accurate targeting of the spray and economy of coating solution.

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