The All-New Watson-Marlow 400 Series: Compact Precision


The 400 F/A by Watson-Marlow is the newest pump in the 400 series range of pumps. It is the smallest peristaltic pump in the market.

The All-New Watson-Marlow 400 Series: Compact Precision

The new 400 series

This instrument quality pump comes in a previously unseen size :31 x 48 mm (1.2”x 1.9”), has flow rates from 30 µl/min to 30 ml/min and precision dispenses down to one microliter.

All 400 series pumps are built by Alitea in Sweden, and offer instrument-quality ultra-compact precision. All are made for scientific applications, and provide a choice of single and multi-channel pumpheads. The pumpheads are precision machined and feature compression adjustment allowing high accuracy and repeatable flow rates.

Manual and auto-analog speed control and remote switching options are provided for all drives, and the pumpheads accept standard 1.6mm wall tubing or manifold tubing.

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