The new Sci-Q 300 series – powerful performance for the benchtop


Watson-Marlow Bredel's new Sci-Q 323 range is designed exclusively for scientific pumping needs, and brings a stunning new level of performance and quality to the benchtop.

Four brand new drives with five pumphead options meet every need. Up to six 313 and 314 pumpheads (they can be mixed), and up to two 304MC or 308MC five-channel pumpheads (which can also be mixed) can be fitted to a single drive to provide up to ten channels of flow.

The all-new Sci-Q 323 range is designed exclusively for scientific pumping needs, and brings a stunning new level of performance and quality to the laboratory benchtop. There are four new drives with five pumphead options - click on the 323 range overview link to select a pump from the complete range.

313 three-roller or 314 four-roller pumpheads provide single-channel flows at up to 2000 ml/min, and up to up to six pumpheads can be fitted for lower flow rates. 313D2 and 314D2 pumpheads accept thicker wall tubing for more stable performace at higher pressures or suction conditions or with more viscous fluids.

The higher performance drives can be fitted with the 501RL high-flow pumphead for single channel flow rates up to 2200 ml/min, or 314MC or 318MC multi-channel pumpheads to provide up to ten channels of flow at up to 53 ml/min.


WATSON-MARLOW BREDEL is the world's largest manufacturer of tube and hose pumps, with over one million pumps sold. They are the perfect pump, with no valves, seals or glands, and the fluid contacts only the bore of a hose or tube. Because they are simple to install, easy to operate and quick to maintain, they are the world's fastest-growing pump type.

Watson-Marlow Bredel solves pumping problems in every industry from biotechnology to brewing and ceramics to water and waste treatment.

Watson-Marlow Bredel is a company of Spirax Sarco Engineering Group

About Spirax Sarco Engineering Group

The Spirax-Sarco Group has its headquarters in Cheltenham, England and has been quoted on the London Stock Exchange for over forty years. Each year the company has reported a strong financial performance and continues to expand its businesses around the world by providing knowledge, service and products to satisfy its customers' needs with 85% of sales being outside the UK.

The Spirax Sarco Group's fluid control business comprises two elements, Spirax Sarco and Watson-Marlow Bredel, both of which are the world leaders in their respective niche markets.

Spirax Sarco Engineering Group facts

3,900 people employed around the world including 1,600 specialist sales, support and technical engineers.

42 sales companies in 32 countries dedicated to providing solutions for customers in steam and fluid handling.

7 strategic manufacturing plants committed to customer service.

Comprehensive product range to provide system solutions for steam, fluid handling and peristaltic pumping.

1,000,000 students have completed our distance learning courses.

35 training centres dedicated to spreading knowledge to our customers.

100,000 customers buying regularly.

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