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29.10.2021: AHR Expo Announces 2022 Innovation Awards Winners

02.09.2021: AHR Expo Opens Registration for 2022 Show in Vegas

14.07.2021: AHR Expo Announces Open Call for the 2022 Innovation Awards

16.10.2020: No AHR Expo in 2021 – Show Management looks ahead to Las Vegas 2022

29.09.2020: AHR Expo Releases Update for 2021 Show Planning

13.07.2020: AHR Expo 2021 Innovation Awards Submissions Now Open

19.12.2019: 2020 AHR Expo Economic Survey + Association Survey Report

14.11.2019: CPI Professionals Gather at the 2019 Chem Show to See What’s Ahead for Processing Technology

25.09.2019: AHR Expo 2020: See Everything new in HVACR, Including the Latest Innovations, Products and Technologies

23.08.2019: The 2019 Chem Show set to Host Chemical Processing Industry’s Networking Event of the Year

31.07.2019: 2019 Chem Show to Feature the Latest CPI Products and Technologies for Optimizing Plant Operations

03.07.2019: AHR Expo Now Accepting 2020 Innovation Awards Submissions

27.06.2019: AHR Expo Expert Council: 5 HVACR Industry Topics to Put on Radar

20.06.2019: Chem Show Announces Seminar Program for 2019

03.05.2019: CPI Professionals Share Knowledge and Learning through Cross-Market Experiences at Century Old Chem Show

15.02.2019: Chem Show Presents Business Outlook Survey

31.01.2019: 2019 AHR Expo Showcases Excitement for HVACR, Global Market Expansion

10.01.2019: AHR Expo Donates $20,500 to the Atlanta Police Athletic League

14.11.2018: HVACR Manufacturers Report Sales Growth

19.10.2018: 2019 AHR Expo Education Program Offers First-look at What’s Ahead in the Coming Year

28.09.2018: AHR Expo Announces 2019 Innovation Award Winners

19.07.2018: AHR Expo Returns to Atlanta for the First Time Since 2001

19.02.2018: Record-Breaking 2018 AHR Expo Smashes Six All-Time Highs

21.11.2017: Thousands of Professionals Gather at the 2017 Chem Show to See What’s Next for Processing Technology

02.03.2017: 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas Breaks Three All-Time Records for Overall Show Attendance, Size

23.02.2017: 2017 Chem Show Business Outlook Survey Results Indicate Expected Growth Across Chemical Processing Industry

30.11.2016: 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Ceremony Time, Date and Location Announced

18.11.2016: 2017 AHR Expo Education Program Expands Attendance Value, Offering Broad Scope of Seminars, Professional Certifications, ASHRAE Learning Institute Courses

04.11.2016: AHR Expo Innovation Awards Donates $22,500 to Opportunity Village

15.09.2016: AHR Expo Shares Strategy to Attract International Audience, Align with Annual HVACR Industry Sales Cycles

30.06.2016: AHR Expo Calls for Innovation Awards Entries Exhibitors Encouraged to Submit New or Upgraded Products

04.02.2016: HomeSeal Duct Sealing Technology from Aeroseal Named 2016 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Product of the Year

14.01.2016: 2016 AHR Expo Education Program to Include Free Seminars, New Product Spotlights, ASHRAE Learning Institute Courses, Certification Exams and More

17.12.2015: Jacksonville Police Athletic League to Benefit from AHR Expo

13.11.2015: 2016 AHR Expo to Showcase HVACR Industry’s Latest Across Numerous Market Categories

28.10.2015: Mechanical Contractors Anticipate Value in Innovation and Networking

23.10.2015: 2015 Chem Show Celebrates 100 Years of Success

02.10.2015: 2016 AHR Expo Calls for Innovation Award Entries

25.09.2015: 2015 Chem Show Offers New Seminar Program

11.09.2015: 2016 AHR Expo

03.09.2015: 2015 Chem Show

05.02.2015: 2015 AHR Expo Sets Chicago Attendance Record

05.01.2015: AHR Expo Welcomes HVACR Education & Training Organizations

10.12.2014: HVACR Manufacturers’ Optimism Continues to Grow for 2015 Economic Prospects

03.12.2014: 2015 AHR Expo Features Largest Education Program With More Than 120 Sessions

26.11.2014: Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) Endorses the 2015 Chem Show

18.11.2014: Announcing the 2015 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners

30.10.2014: HVACR Workforce Development Foundation To Address Industry Needs at the 2015 AHR Expo

26.09.2014: Focus Is On What’s New at 2015 AHR Expo

12.09.2014: Chem Show Welcomes Chemical Engineering Magazine As A New Media Partner

06.08.2014: AHR Expo, ASHRAE & AHRI Seeking the Most Innovative HVACR and Plumbing Products

08.07.2014: Chem Show Announces Dates of 100th Anniversary Event

30.05.2014: RPA To Hold Its Annual Meeting and Conference In Conjunction with the 2015 AHR Expo

07.05.2014: Interest in Renewable Energy Resources Continues to Grow

13.03.2014: 2015 AHR Expo In Chicago On Record-setting Pace

13.02.2014: AHR Expo Donates $12,525 to the Youth Action YouthBuild Organization

06.02.2014: Snow Storm Didn’t Dampen Spirits at 2014 AHR Expo in New York City

30.01.2014: Emerson Climate Technologies Captures 2014 AHR Expo Product Of The Year Award

10.01.2014: 2014 AHR Expo to Donate to NYC Community Organization to Upgrade HVAC Systems

03.01.2014: Opening Day Snow Storm Didn’t Dampen Success of the 2013 Chem Show

20.12.2013: 2014 AHR Expo Already Largest Northeast Show

12.12.2013: Thousands of Solution-seeking CPI Professionals will Convene at the 55th Biennial Chem Show

06.12.2013: International Exposition Company Honored as the Recipient of the AHRI 2013 Public Service Award

18.11.2013: 2014 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners to Showcase Technology

10.10.2013: Learning Opportunities Abound at 2013 Chem Show

09.10.2013: Energy-efficiency Focused Educational Sessions & Products Will Take Center Stage at 2014 AHR Expo

26.09.2013: Increasing Production Driving New Equipment & Product Spending

20.09.2013: AHR Expo-Mexico Named Best Event of the Year for 2012

21.08.2013: New AHR Expo Endorsing Association to Present Dynamic Session on HVAC Marketplace Trends

16.08.2013: Optimistic U.S. Chemical Industry Outlook Bodes Well for the 2013 CHEM SHOW

12.08.2013: 2014 AHR Expo

07.08.2013: 2013 CHEM SHOW

31.07.2013: Search Is On For Most Innovative HVACR And Plumbing Products

18.07.2013: Leading Edge Building Automation & Control Solutions to Be Showcased at 2014 AHR Expo

12.07.2013: Processing Pros Seek Innovation at 2013 Chem Show

25.06.2013: 2013 Chem Show to Offer Valuable Insights from New Endorsing Association

22.05.2013: 2014 AHR Expo in NYC on Record-Setting Pace

25.04.2013: Encouraging Economic Indicators Bode Well For the 2013 Chem Show

22.04.2013: HVAC Professionals Most Interested In Energy Efficient And Green/Sustainable Products & Technologies

16.04.2013: AIChE To Create Solutions-Based Conference For Processing Pros At The 2013 Chem Show

04.04.2013: 2014 AHR Expo

07.03.2013: Chicago Charity Saves Thousands On Energy Bill Thanks To Donation From AHR Expo

25.02.2013: 2013 Chem Show

06.02.2013: Rheem Manufacturing Company Wins 2013 AHR Expo Product Of The Year Award

04.02.2013: 2013 AHR Expo Breaks All-Time Southwest Records

28.01.2013: AHR Expo to Donate Over $10,000 to Local Dallas Charity

18.01.2013: AHR Expo Launches New Mobile App To Enhance Attendees’ Experience

19.12.2012: 2013 AHR Expo Educational Program Offers Over 100 Sessions, Workshops, Exams & Presentations

06.12.2012: AHR Expo Special Product Sections Designed To Keep Attendees At The Leading Edge Of New Technology

16.11.2012: AHR Expo: HVACR Manufacturers Predict An Improving Economy

14.11.2012: 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners Announced

24.09.2012: 2013 Chem Show Makes Some Major Moves For Its 55th Biennial Event In New York City

27.08.2012: 2012 AHR Expo – Mexico

15.08.2012: Biomass Thermal Energy Council Becomes Newest AHR Expo Endorsing Organization

08.08.2012: 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Awards – Call For Submissions

19.07.2012: 2013 AHR Expo Already Largest Southwest Show

18.05.2012: AHR Expo Expands 2013 Dallas Show to Meet Demand for More Space

11.04.2012: Energy Efficiency Is Most Important Consideration For 93% Of 2012 AHR Expo Attendees

02.03.2012: 2013 AHR Expo Returns to Site of Its Largest Southwest Event

03.02.2012: 2012 AHR Expo Sets All-Time Attendance Record

07.12.2011: 86 New Product Technology Presentations To Be Featured In Three Theaters At The 2012 AHR Expo

18.11.2011: Thousands of Solution-Seeking CPI Professionals Find Answers At The 2011 Chem Show In NY

17.11.2011: 2012 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners Selected

03.11.2011: Manufacturers Are Optimistic About HVACR Industry Outlook

21.10.2011: The 2012 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Raises $12,000 For Chicago Charity

11.10.2011: 2012 AHR Expo Will Be the Largest Event in the Show’s 82-Year History

17.08.2011: New Digital Tools Create Enhanced Show Experience For Chem Show Attendees

05.08.2011: AHR Expo Innovation Awards To Celebrate 10th Anniversary At 2012 Chicago Show

04.08.2011: New Product Technology Theater To Showcase Latest CPI Innovations

14.07.2011: IEC to Celebrate Its 100th Anniversary at the 2011 Chem Show

27.06.2011: 2012 AHR Expo On Record Pace

08.06.2011: 2011 Chem Show

13.05.2011: Process Control & Automation Center To Feature Latest Technologies

08.02.2011: AHR EXPO Donates Nearly $13,000 To The Opportunity Village

21.12.2010: 2011 AHR Expo Already Setting New Records

26.11.2010: New Virtual Show Feature Helps AHR Expo Attendees Enhance Their Show Experience

22.11.2010: 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Award

18.10.2010: IAPMO Becomes an Endorsing Association of AHR Expo

13.10.2010: Manufacturers Cautiously Optimistic About 2011 Economic Outlook

28.01.2009: Chicago AHR EXPO Surpasses 2008 New York Show In Size

22.01.2009: 2009 AHR EXPO Innovation Award Winners

21.01.2009: HVAC Mobile Green Classroom Cruises Into 2009 AHR Expo

04.06.2003: Pumps Compressors Valves 2003