Chem Show Announces Seminar Program for 2019

The Chem Show announced its schedule for the 2019 Seminar Program, including more than 30 technical sessions hosted by exhibiting partners covering the latest trends, issues and opportunities throughout the CPI.
Chem Show Announces Seminar Program for 2019

The seminars are designed to offer optimization and efficiency best practices for plant managers, chemical and control engineers and other plant operations personnel. (Image source: ChemShow)

Seminars are designed to offer optimization and efficiency best practices for plant managers, chemical and control engineers and other plant operations personnel.

The Chem Show seminars are free for attendees and focus on chemical processing applications, equipment optimization, production line performance and best practices that support the improvement of plant operations productivity. The 2019 Chem Show will be held at the Javits Center in New York City, October 22-24. Attendees can register by visiting the Chem Show website.

Experience New Product Applications, Technology and CPI Best Practices
The Chem Show offers thought leaders and decision makers an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest trends across all industries that make up the CPI. Presenters representing various processing applications showcase best practices and practical solutions that inform on industry regulations, equipment optimization and new product applications to improve operations.

“The Chem Show was founded as a way to bring together professionals and ideas to support the continued growth in regard to equipment and application practices,” said Mark Stevens, Chem Show Manager. “The Seminar Program, in addition to the 270 exhibiting companies, is effective at opening the exchange of technical ideas and forward-thinking initiatives. This is vital to the industry as it is the generation of new ideas that sustain the evolution of optimization and efficiency. The seminars allow professionals to share process tips throughout each level of the production cycle, resulting in higher yields, safer operation practices and overall supply chain improvement.

”In addition to new product applications, the seminar program will feature productivity tips using technologies currently available. Each seminar consists of approximately one hour of informative presentation, as well as the opportunity to connect with the speaker afterward on the Show floor. Presenters will touch on topics such as digitalization, safety and hazard planning, processing techniques, ultrasonic extraction, powder handling, distillation, liquid separation, wet scrubbing chemistry and more.

“We participate in the Chem Show Seminar Program to offer up-to-date knowledge and technology that will allow decision-makers to maximize productivity,” said Dr. Patrick Hazlewood, 2019 seminar presenter and N.A. Business Development Manager at Emerson Automation Solutions. “The important takeaway across all seminars is valuing the time of both the plant personnel and the production cycle, leading to the overall improvement of the application practices that drive efficiency.” Emerson’s seminar will identify key measures to increase production relating to in-line measurement.

An Opportunity for Digitalization, CPI Job Force Growth and Improved ROI
The CPI has experienced a boom in recent years after a nearly decade-long recession. While opportunity is flourishing with new market exploration, heavy investment in big facilities and the rise of the circular economy, stagnation in recruitment from those 10 years has left a looming knowledge gap as professionals age out in retirement.

"Engineers and other industry personnel are continuously seeking ways to capture, compile and analyze data - even more so now that professionals are aging out in retirement across the CPI," said Nora Villarreal, Trendminer. "There is a need for adaptive technology to facilitate the way we manage and extract value from data so it can be easily interpreted and accurately shared within their organization. It s important that we continue to employ technologies that retain corporate memory and continue to have networking conversations and info-sharing at events like the Chem Show in order to maintain a robust processing industry." Trendminer s seminar focuses on the transition to a data-driven organization with the use of self-service advanced analytics.

As the 2017 Chem Show showcased, advanced technology and more integrated systems in recent years have already begun to transform the supply chain. With a dive toward Industry 4.0 through smart technology, virtual learning, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is poised to support the long-term growth of the CPI job force. However, despite these available resources, recent industry reports indicate a lag in digitalization in chemical processing - an issue that could pose problems for any industry about tosign on the most technology-focused generation ever. For this reason and more, industry participation in shared learning opportunities such as the Chem Show is important for the continued growth of processing.

“The CPI is not unique in the impending ramifications from the early 2000’s recession in the job force,” continued Stevens. “However, industries that are embracing the advancement of technology into new areas are in a position to push through and thrive as the job force replenishes itself. Of course, it’s vital that companies seek out and use available opportunities, best practices and technology resources to bridge the gap - that’s where networking and shared learning opportunities like the Chem Show Seminar Program add tremendous value.”

Seminar Highlights

Seminars for guidance on shutdown events, disaster planning and preventive safety tips:
The Impact of Efficient Calibration During Shutdowns, presented by Beamex
Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E: Keeping Workers Safe from Electrical Accidents, presented by MELTRIC
Industrial Explosion Protection Solutions: Which Solution is Best for Me?,presented by IEP Technologies

The latest in integrated systems and digitalization practices:
5 Ways to Improve your Production Process with Self-Service Analytics,presented by TrendMiner
Utilizing Information Resources to Impact Business Outcomes, presented by Elsevier
IIoT Enabled Solid-Liquid Separation,presented by Flowrox

Specialty and CPI best practice information:
Ultrasonic Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Botanicals, presented by Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH
Troubleshooting Pneumatic Conveying Systems, presented by Magnum Systems, Inc.
Building a Management of Change Process Using Industry Best Practices, presented by Engineering Planning and Management, Inc.
Minimizing Production Cost and Environmental Impact, Maximizing Quality and Yield: How Solid-Liquid Filtration Can Be the Key, presented by Outotec
How to Resolve Common Powder Handling Problems, presented by Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

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