Jet Edge, Inc.

12070 43rd Street NE
MN 55376 St. Michael Minneapolis
Pump manufacturer

17.03.2017: Jet Edge Promotes Michael Wheeler to Engineering Manager

07.09.2016: Jet Edge Introduces Permalign V-Series Mini Hopper for Abrasive Waterjets

04.07.2016: Jet Edge Waterjet Shuttle Systems Ideal for High Volume Cutting Applications

25.01.2016: Jet Edge Promotes Josh Bauer to Service Manager

23.09.2015: Panpisco Technologies Representing Jet Edge Waterjets in the Philippines

01.07.2015: Waterjet Manufacturer Jet Edge Launches Chinese Website

18.03.2015: Hasmak Representation Division to Sell Jet Edge Waterjet Systems in Turkey

11.03.2015: Jet Edge Introduces Waterjet Intensifier Pump

22.09.2014: Waterjet Manufacturer Jet Edge Launches New Website

17.07.2014: Jet Edge Waterjet Systems Announces Distributor in Southern Africa

20.02.2014: Jet Edge Celebrates 30 Years in Waterjet Industry

13.02.2014: Powering Robotic Waterjet Trimming Cells with Jet Edge Pumps

16.09.2013: Hsiang Yu Machinery Representing Jet Edge Water Jet Systems in Taiwan

05.04.2013: Machinery Forum Representing Jet Edge Water Jet Systems in Australia

23.08.2012: New Jet Edge 90KSI Waterjets

30.07.2012: Jet Edge Modular Waterjet Pump

01.06.2012: Jet Edge Introduces ECO-JET Direct Drive Water Jet Pump

24.05.2012: Jet Edge Receives Manufacturing Excellence Award

29.03.2012: Jet Edge Honored with Governor’s International Trade Award

29.02.2012: Jet Edge International Sales Manager David Anderson Appointed to Minnesota District Export Council

13.02.2012: Waterjet Manufacturer Jet Edge Appoints North Central Regional Sales Manager

23.01.2012: Used Waterjet Cutting Equipment Posted on Jet Edge Website

08.12.2011: Mercado Machinery Distributing Jet Edge Waterjets in Mexico

14.06.2011: Techjet Distributing Jet Edge Waterjet Pumps in Poland

18.05.2011: Jet Edge Introduces New Waterjet Intensifier Pump

31.03.2011: Jet Edge Appoints Area Manager for Shanghai China Sales Office

24.01.2011: Water Jet Manufacturer Jet Edge Opens New Sales Office in China

23.12.2010: E.J. Bartells Installs Jet Edge Waterjet Cutting System to Increase Productivity

02.11.2010: Water Jet Pump Uses 30% Less Electricity, 80% Fewer Components

18.08.2010: Jet Edge Precision Water Jet Cutting System

12.08.2010: Diesel-Powered Water Jet Intensifier Pump Ideal for Mobile Cold Cutting Applications

30.07.2010: Waterjet Technology Helps BP Cap Gulf Oil Leak

14.06.2010: Jet Edge’s iP60-50R Water Jet Intensifier Pump Features Redundant Intensifier Pump Design

28.04.2010: MatCamNZ Distributing Jet Edge Water Jet Systems in New Zealand

18.03.2010: Water Jet Cutting Machine Cuts Virtually Any Material

17.02.2010: Tecnocut and Jet Edge Announce Strategic Research and Development Partnership

09.12.2009: Waterjet Dual Pressure Valve

15.10.2009: Waterjet Manufacturer Jet Edge Acquires Calypso Waterjet Systems

08.09.2009: 100HP Waterjet Intensifier Pump Features Reliable Tie-Rod Design

12.08.2009: Low Cost 100HP Waterjet Intensifier Pump Introduced by Jet Edge

29.07.2009: Elliott-Matsuura Distributing Jet Edge Waterjets in Canada

17.07.2009: New Diesel Waterjet Pump

09.07.2009: Jet Edge Exhibiting Latest Waterjet Technology

24.06.2009: Jet Edge New Distributor for Japan

08.05.2009: NASCAR Team Increases Productivity 35% with 90KSI Waterjet Pump

21.04.2009: Waterjet Manufacturer Jet Edge Celebrates 25th Anniversary

24.03.2009: Automation Solutions, Inc. Now Representing Jet Edge Waterjet Systems in Mid-Atlantic Region

17.03.2009: Jet Edge Introduces Waterjet Intensifier Pump

02.03.2009: Jet Edge Publishes New Precision Waterjet Cutting Systems Brochure

27.01.2009: Jet Edge Introduces New Large Format Waterjet Cutting Machine

16.12.2008: MWR Speeds Up Waterjet Cutting with Jet Edge X-Stream Waterjet Pump

03.12.2008: Jet Edge Selected to Participate in State of Minnesota’s Business Development Mission to Israel

07.11.2008: Jet Edge’s 90,000 psi X-Stream Waterjet Pump Increases Productivity