Water Jet Pump Uses 30% Less Electricity, 80% Fewer Components


Water jet manufacturers Jet Edge and Tecnocut S.p.A. are pleased to introduce the energy-efficient ECUBE 6200 servo-driven intelligent water jet pump.

Water Jet Pump Uses 30% Less Electricity, 80% Fewer Components

Jet Edge

Developed through Jet Edge and Tecnocut’s research and development partnership, the 90KSI (6200 bar) ECUBE 6200 utilizes an electrically controlled servo-driven intelligent pump; the completely electro-mechanical system uses 30% less electricity and has 80% fewer components than a hydraulic waterjet intensifier pump. Depending on the application, 90KSI water jet pumps make it possible to cut up to 50% faster and reduce garnet consumption up to 50% compared to 60KSI waterjet pumps. The ECUBE 6200 produces 0.7 gpm (2,61 lpm) of ultra high pressure water and supports water jet orifices up to 0.011” (.28 mm).

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