Caprari S.p.A.

Via Emilia Ovest 900
41123 Modena
Pump manufacturer

03.01.2022: Caprari is Launching the New E6KX

27.10.2021: Caprari Announces Extension of PM Pumps Series

20.04.2021: Caprari Inaugurates PumpPro Academy

17.02.2021: CAPRARI Group Presents Virtual Online Space for External Communications

19.11.2015: Caprari Sponsor at Festival Dell´Acqua 2015

17.09.2015: Caprari Ensures the Provision of Water at Expo 2015

18.06.2015: Caprari to Partner with Veolia

01.06.2015: 70 Years of Integrated Water Cycle Management

05.03.2015: Alberto Caprari Is Elected President of Anima

03.12.2014: Caprari Is Awarded for Efficiency

16.10.2014: Caprari Adds New Models to Desert Pump Series

12.09.2014: iPumpMobile – the New Caprari App

20.06.2014: K-Kompact Series – High Flow Range

26.05.2014: Caprari Launches New Borehole Pumps

04.03.2014: Caprari’s Contribution to Scientific Research

24.01.2014: Caprari Establishes Joint Venture with Polmot Motor Makina

27.11.2013: Caprari Announces New Organizational Structure

15.10.2012: Caprari – Ready for the Future

20.02.2012: Caprari Announces Strategic Alliance with Peme Gourdin

18.07.2011: Caprari: Automatic Cleaning System for Wastewater Lifting Stations

28.01.2011: High Altitudes for Caprari Submersible Pumps

21.07.2010: Caprari Quality Goes to China

20.04.2010: Caprari’s Sustainability Report

03.02.2010: Caprari Electric Pumps For Wastewater

27.01.2010: Heavy Duty in Mining Application

20.11.2009: Caprari Training Center

23.09.2009: Caprari Complies Already With the New ATEX Directive

11.06.2009: Motorguard: The Protection For Caprari Submersible Units

20.01.2009: Caprari: New Corporate Web Portal

16.12.2008: Caprari Presents the Renewed “ E “ Series

11.12.2008: Caprari: High Performance in Total Safety

12.06.2008: Original Caprari Quality

06.06.2008: Advanced Remote Management

29.05.2008: CAPRARI Endurance: Protection, Safety and Durability

13.05.2008: Caprari: New Generation of Standardized Single-Impeller Pumps

15.04.2008: Acquedotto Pugliese Has Chosen CAPRARI As Supplier

07.03.2008: E4XP Caprari: Extra Performances for Professionals

07.03.2008: Caprari Traceability: All Necessary Information Is Just A Click Away

05.03.2008: CAPRARI Presents the Renewed “ E “ Series

21.02.2008: Universal Remote Management

21.02.2008: Green as Always, Now With ISO 14001 Certification

24.04.2007: Original Caprari Quality

01.10.2006: Caprari’s New Sales Management

08.03.2006: New Submerged Electric Pumps Made Entirely of Stainless Steel Precision Castings

01.03.2006: Caprari: Opening Of The New Rome Branch

15.05.2005: The New Generation of Caprari Submersible Electric Pumps

15.03.2005: New PMHT Range of Horizontal Pumps

16.12.2004: Caprari Hellas: Another Branch of the Caprari Group

08.11.2004: New Caprari Subsidiaries

24.11.2003: New in the PumpSelector: Caprari

01.10.2003: ATEX Certification for Caprari´s Sewage Pumps

19.03.2003: Sadness about the dead of Amadio Caprari

04.02.2003: Caprari delivers pumps for Wastewater Treatment Plant of Milan

19.11.2002: Caprari PumpTutor® Version 2.0 – The second generation

29.07.2002: Over 50 new electric sewage pump models

25.01.2002: New Submersible Pumps with shredder

26.07.2001: New corrosion-proof 6 inches submersible pumps from Caprari