Caprari Traceability: All Necessary Information Is Just A Click Away


Caprari is one of the first enterprises in the water sector to have created a system able to monitor the product throughout its entire life cycle.

Caprari Traceability: All Necessary Information Is Just A Click Away

Caprari, Italy.

Each product is uniquely identified by a serial number that can be used to trace back to the product code, the production order, the operator code and lastly, the customer’s identity.

It’s an accurate computerized recording process that allows the quality of the product and its manufacturing processes to be subjected to stringent inspections, as well as achieving stock management of the FIFO type (first in, first out) and preventing products from remaining in stock too long.

Through Serialized Product Traceability, Caprari targets on being transparent to the customers. Moreover, the system also guarantees that the products are authentic thanks to the Original Caprari Quality hologram affixed to each machine, which protects customers against the imitations and fakes that are invading the market to an ever increasing extent.

Thus traceability means certainty and reliability for Caprari’s customers. They can be sure of having purchased a product of which the entire manufacturing cycle is known and for which speedy and efficient after-sales assistance can be provided.

Customer care has always been one of the company’s prime concerns, one of the aspects that has made Caprari stand out in its dealings, and that now strengthens partnership relations based on the “Trust Building” concept.

Today, Caprari's relationship with the customers has become even closer thanks to the efficient “Serialized Product Traceability” system.

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