Caprari is Launching the New E6KX

Caprari is further expanding their own product range, launching the new E6KX: the first 6” stainless steel borehole pumps in the EASYWELL family. This new series is particularly versatile, ideal for the world of professional agriculture, the water sector, and domestic and industrial applications alike.
Caprari is Launching the New E6KX

Caprari is Launching the New E6KX. (Image source: Caprari Spa)

EASYWELL will now no longer be synonymous with just their high-performing and resilient motors, but also with sustainable, high-efficiency borehole pumps. Accompanying these with EASYWELL’s MPC series submersible motors guarantees truly top of the market performance.

E6KX borehole pumps mean:

  • Extreme Durability: compact design and stainless steel components
  • High Performance: long-term fuel-efficient performance guaranteed
  • Caprari Quality: products engineered by Caprari, guaranteeing great reliability
  • Low Environmental Impact: thanks to a careful and efficient manufacturing process

Among other defining characteristics, the attachment between the hydraulic element and the motor can be NEMA 4 or 6, which renders the pumps compatible with all readily available standard motors currently on the market. Moreover, the impellers and diffusers are made from stainless steel, ensuring high performance and reliability, and the suction support is in precision cast stainless steel to guarantee durability and a long lifespan overall.

The valve body is also made from precision cast stainless steel with an integrated clapet, eliminating the need to install an additional valve and therefore allowing the client to save money while ensuring maximum protection against water hammer.

E6KX pumps perform excellently even in the presence of sand, thanks to their water-lubricated radial bearings. A booster can be installed, with a cooling mantle (for the motor) in either a horizontal or vertical position, allowing unparalleled flexibility of use.

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