Caprari Electric Pumps For Wastewater


The Caprari Group s Spanish subsidiary, Bombas Caprari, S.A., is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2010 and now presents two special and important projects with CAPRARI electric pumps for wastewater installed in series as their main feature.

The first of these systems comprises K+ Series submersible pumps while the second features K-Kompact Series pumps in a dry pit installation.

In this case, our customer is Coptalia, S.A.U., an enterprise that makes business all over Spain in sectors that include:

Street cleaning- Beach cleaning- MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) collection- Management and use of wastewater treatment plants- Public highway maintenance- Gardening- Works in general.

Coptalia, S.A.U., is a medium-large undertaking with experience of both the CAPRARI brand and with our solutions for professional users.

Wastewater Pumping at Argés (Toledo)

  • Supply of 2 KCW080HC+003541N1 submersible electric pumps aligned in series, with 7 kW total power.
  • Goal: pumping wastewater, flow rate 72 m3/h and 80 m delivery pressure.
  • Caprari solution: in view of the high pressure required, the solution we researched includes 2 submersible KCW080HC+003541N1 pumps installed in series, with open impellers in a retracted position ( vortex type ).

Wastewater Pumping at Cobisa-Layos (Toledo)

  • Supply of 2 KKCM100NA+037022N1 electric pumps aligned in series, with 74 kW total power.
  • Goal: pumping wastewater from Cobisa (Layos Casa de Campo, S.A.) to the wastewater treatment plant in the nearby town of Layos; flow rate 70 m3/h and 130 m delivery pressure.
  • Problem: insufficient flow rate for pumping the wastewater.
  • Inadequate, faulty, low efficiency existing pumps.
  • Caprari solution: replacement of 4 existing pumps and installation of 2 (two) single-channel pumps KKCM100NA+037022N1 for wastewater, in a dry pit.

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