Advanced Remote Management


With a background comprising over sixty years of specialization in design and manufacture of pumps and electric pumps and solution for the integrated circle of water, Caprari now proposes Universal Remote Management (URM).

Advanced Remote Management


URM is an advanced remote management system that allows customers to monitor everything that occurs in the stations of their water distribution networks.

Technologies of the future to confirm the relationship more and more founded on the trust building concept.

URM, or Universal Remote Management, is a complete supervisory and telemonitoring system that has been specially created for fluid management and treatment. It allows data to be supervised, controlled and acquired so as to monitor the operating status of all the devices that compose a complex water supply system.

That enables users to automate the processes and to operate the equipment by remote control, continuously to supervise the way the systems operate, to warn if faults occur, to control distributed pumping sites and improves their management, to help to optimize the way water resources are used.

All these functions act together to make the service supplied more reactive. They also achieve cost efficiency, reduce pressure losses and do away with unnecessary inspections. The Portal Web software consists of an application that resides in the Web Server and handles the connections with the remote stations. This makes the Portal a true Control Room for each system since it can link to the various URM stations scattered over the area in real time.

The heart of the URM system is the Web Server function, which is based on use of the telephone, Internet and Intranet networks. Equipped with Ethernet interface and TCP/IP protocol, it can be connected to LAN or WAN networks and is thus easily accessible by means of a browser, from any PC, laptop, palmtop or GSM/GPRS/UMTS cell phone linked to the network.

The Telephone Message Service provides the utmost efficiency and immediacy since it allows the maintenance service to be activated at any time and in any place by sending a simple SMS.

Caprari has completed the URM package with a Server Farm service whereby the database containing the information memorized by the remote control stations can be supplied and even managed on behalf of the customer.

The URM device can monitor and record any event that occurs in water treatment systems, sewer networks, civil and industrial installations, water supply and distribution systems.

Further software packages need not be installed for the peripheral devices. Thanks to its open architecture, the URM can function with all protocols and can be easily installed in existing SCADA systems. Caprari s System Integration Service allows complete "turn-key" installations to be created, from the peripheral device through to the supervisory SCADA, or can integrate the URM into already existing telemonitoring systems.

Anyone who chooses Caprari’s URM systems knows he can count on an important added value: the experience and reliability that only one of the most established names in the water cycle management sector can provide. The know-how acquired and the care taken to fully comprehend the customers’ needs lead to research into ideal solutions and the creation of pioneering projects like the URM devices.

But that s not all. Caprari also provides the professional skills of its staff members in a prompt and immediate service to assist the customers in using the package.

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