CAPRARI Endurance: Protection, Safety and Durability


Research conducted by CAPRARI has led to the creation of Endurance, the new series equipped with Defender™, a smart device designed, tested and patented by CAPRARI...

CAPRARI Endurance: Protection, Safety and Durability

The new Endurance series of Caprari (Photo: Caprari). protect the electric pumps from electrochemical corrosion and galvanic currents, passivating the stainless steel so as to create a safety barrier.

The new Endurance series is made in stainless steel by the microcasting method. Along with CAPRARI’s sophisticated engineering systems, this technology achieves superior efficiency ratings as it allows the hydraulic profiles to be optimized. This means less friction and turbulence, while the hydraulic profiles themselves are less pronounced.

Optimized efficiency ratings lead to financial savings: the maximum quality/price ratio. The very thick stainless steel used and the seamless construction make the new Endurance series extremely resistant to wear from sand and abrasion in general.

Anyone who decides to couple Endurance pumps to CAPRARI motors will increase the safety aspect with a further protection, thanks to a special device that seals off perfectly the pump-motor coupling zone.

More energy saving, higher performance, assemblies that are even more reliable and longer lasting, more protection, more respect for the environment and a greater variety of applications all make up the value that CAPRARI offers to users of the Endurance series.

CAPRARI’s high quality range has easy to install products with the best quality/price ratio, low running costs, improved efficiency, tip-top performance and longer life, according to CAPRARI s Life Cycle Cost philosophy.

All with safeguarding the environment, CAPRARI’s priority goal, in mind.

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