Caprari Presents the Renewed “ E “ Series


Caprari presents the renewed “ E “ series, a full range of 6” - 22” electric submersible pumps available with power ratings of up to 370 kW and a number of different versions able to satisfy the changing and increasingly more sophisticated requirements of the world of water.

Caprari Presents the Renewed “ E “ Series


This renewed series now allows Caprari to offer 100 new electro-pumps in a range that includes as many as 900 different models. Not only this, the pumping head has been boosted by an average 70% in the mixed flow versions and 50% in the radial ones, with maximum increases of up to 125% and pressure values that reach as much as 850 meters (85 bar).

All this is the result of Caprari’s endeavour to provide customer satisfaction plus dedicated research to achieve on-going technical and technological development. Goals attained by applying cutting-edge design know-how, involving Computational Fluid Dynamics through to Rapid Prototyping and culminating with the most pioneering manufacturing technologies.

The water tables of the world are lowering and energy costs are continuously rising. This means that customers need submersible pumps able to provide an increasingly better performance at the highest depts. Machines that are not too large in diameter, while being extremely reliable and long-lasting so as to cut down not only the drilling costs but also the operational costs of the wells throughout their entire lifecycle.

This is why Caprari designs and manufactures machines with very wide flow rate and head ranges, limited radial dimensions and ultra-high performances. Such outstanding characteristics are achieved by a mechanical sizing process studied and tested to maximize the structural endurance of the pumps by means of high performance materials.

Use of micro-cast stainless steel or bronze is the best guarantee for long-lasting corrosion resistance when sea water or aggressive fluids must be pumped.

For the deepest wells and more aggressive water, Caprari proposes the radial series of completely made of micro-cast stainless steel and in the canned-type structure. The pumping head can be increased to a considerable extent in pumps with this type of structure, while the mechanical strength and rigidity of the wet end guarantee superior reliability and long-lasting use.

The electro-pumps are supplied complete with submersible motors designed and manufactured by Caprari and also available in the version for use in sea or aggressive water.

Caprari s full and comprehensive range of 6” to 14” water-cooled submersible motors are available with power ratings of up to 370 kW for the 2-pole versions and up to 240 kW for the 4-pole versions.

The series of 6” motors can be supplied also in the new non-toxic oil-cooled version, with power ratings of up to 37 kW for proven reliability at lower capital costs.

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