The New Generation of Caprari Submersible Electric Pumps


With the introduction of the new KC+ / KS+ range, the entire line of waste water pumps has been completely renewed.

The New Generation of Caprari Submersible Electric Pumps

In fact, they are now even more reliable and efficient with a new design and singular features that further improve their electrical and mechanical performance.

Particular attention has been paid to obtaining a reduction in running costs, through high hydraulic and mechanical efficiencies. As a result, Caprari can now offer solutions with low installed powers plus the quality for which we have always stood out. Thanks to their sturdiness and economical operation together with easy maintenance, the “Caprari Life Cycle Cost” is now unbeatable.

Special Features:

  • High efficiency

  • Completely redesigned motors

  • Very low working temperatures

  • Dynamically balanced rotors

  • High level of standardisation

  • New motor housings with new finning to optimise heat exchange, and double intake hole to facilitate use in the various possible preparations

  • The availability of a stainless-steel hooking handle is now also extended to the medium and low powers

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